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Procare v10 Pricing


Prices below are one-time charges unless otherwise indicated
Procare is a fully-integrated childcare management system available in two sizes with a modular structure that allows you to select the components that best meet your individual needs & budget.  Mini - 60 Family Limit
Full - No Family Limit
Versions are mutually exclusive and cannot be combined

Family Data

Maintain All Family and Child Information
Includes Two Seats
  • Registration info, emergency contacts, authorized pickups
  • Immunizations and child scheduling
  • Photos of children, parents and contacts
  • Flexible reporting feature 
Mini - $349
Full - $695
Family Accounting Family Accounting
Detailed Management of Center Revenue

Requires Family Data
  • One-step autobilling function
  • Receipts, deposit reports, aging, year end statements
  • Detailed ledger provides quick access to revenue owed
Mini - $199
Full - $395
Tuition Express

Tuition Express
Payment Processing -
Secure and Easy

Requires Family Accounting

  • Automatically process payments from credit cards or bank accounts
  • Parents can process Online Payments, see history and get free emailed receipts at
  • POS/Card Swipe transactions
  • All payments post directly to ledgers in Procare
$0.33 /item (Cards )
$0.42/item (ACH)
Lowest Credit Card Rate
Agency Accounting Agency Accounting
Advanced Management of
Agency Payments

Requires Family Accounting
  • Track third-party billing separately from parent co-pay
  • Apply payments directly to invoices
  • Determine outstanding fees due
  • Report by child contract
Mini - $99
Full - $195
Meal Tracker - Food Program Software Meal Tracker
Generate Menus and Calculate Meals Served

Requires Family Data
  • Track family eligibility and reimbursement rate
  • Create menus for parents
  • Report meals served/claimed
Mini - $149
Full - $295
Activity Manager 
Track Child Activities, Camps, Programs

Requires Family Data


  • Create day camps, after school sessions, activities
  • Manage sign-ups, class size and fees
  • Assign activities per child or to many children
  • Track prerequisites for gymnastics, soccer, etc.
Mini - $149
Full - $295
Attendance Tracker Attendance Tracker
Time and Attendance for Children
Includes One Seat
Requires Family Data
  • Unique ID Code per authorized pick-up
  • Track child attendance for billing
  • Calculate child to staff attendance ratio (Requires Employee Data)
Mini - $199
Full - $395

Employee Data

Maintain Employee Information
  • Record employee schedules, pay rate, time card hours by department and work area
  • Track employee hours for payroll
  • Track training, vacation and sick time
  • Be notified of required trainings due
  • Maintain employee logs
Mini - $249
Full - $495
Payroll Software     Payroll
Calculate and Print Payroll Checks

Requires Employee Data
  • Salary or hourly payroll calculation
  • Automatically determine payroll
  • Calculates all tax and withholdings
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • W2 printing with year-end disk
Mini - $149
Full - $295

Expenses & Ledger

Maintain Record of Expenses and Comprehensive
Financial Reporting
  • Maintain vendor lists and expenses
  • Print Accounts Payable checks
  • Cash or accrual accounting
  • Create budgets, profit/loss, balance sheets and checkbook reconciliation May Require Other Accounting Modules
Mini - $399
Full - $795
A Seat is required for each person signed into Procare at the same time. Family Data Module includes 2 Seats, Attendance Tracker includes 1 Seat. A Check-in Computer uses one seat. Additional Seats: $195
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