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Childcare Software Solutions

Expert Advice

With Procare you'll get help finding the right day care software package for your child care business from the most experienced team of Software Consultants in the industry.

Modular Format

Procare Child Care Management Software is available in a modular format allowing your day care center, after school program or similar child-centered business to select only the features you need to handle specific child care administration and recordkeeping tasks.

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

Child Care Management Solutions from Procare are tailored to the unique needs of your center from Smaller Day Care Centers with just a single location, to larger child care organizations that manage database information for multiple childcare locations.

Childcare Software Security & Database Management

Overall settings give you greater control of childcare management. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • User Groups & Security - Create User Groups and manage permissions.
  • Passwords - Secure passwords known only by the user themselves.
  • Monitor Users - See who is logged in and kick them from the system as needed.
  • One Database - Host multiple child care locations in a single SQL database.
  • Location Names - Manage “Region” and “School” names for each location.
  • Data Access - All access controlled through the database - No file sharing required.
Family & Child Records
Child Care Database

Family Data is the cornerstone of Procare, offering easy access to all family and child information with a complete Child Care Database that replaces your filing cabinet, address book, and day planner. Procare helps you operate more efficiently than you ever thought possible. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Child Registration - Complete registration information for parents and children.
  • Contacts - Record emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups.
  • Immunizations - Accurate immunization history, reports and alerts.
  • Child Schedules - True calendar based scheduling with absence & vacation tracking.
  • Enrollment History - Report on enrollment status by time period.
  • Flexible Child & Parent Tracking - Track marketing sources, waiting lists, bus runs, allergies, etc.
  • Photos - Import photos of children, parents, pickups from your digital camera, etc.
  • Child Logs Notes - Record milestones, track incidents, etc.
  • Dashboard - Quick view of upcoming birthdays, classroom counts, ratios, revenue, etc.
  • Email Letters - Built in email capable word processing and letter merge.
  • Electronic Document Storage - Attach PDF documents of important paperwork, required forms, etc.

Family Accounting
Child Care Billing

Simplify Child Care Billing and accounting. Let Procare Family Accounting help you efficiently manage tuition fees and payments, track money owed and print receipts, deposits, and revenue reports. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Automated Billing - Quickly post recurring tuition fees.
  • Billing Preview - Select who should be charged each week, month, etc. and change amounts, on the fly, as needed.
  • Billing Tied to Schedule - Charge one amount for child’s current schedule and other rates for future schedules.
  • Split Billing - Handle separate fees for dual households.
  • Late Payment Wizard - Charge a fixed fee or percentage of past due amounts.
  • Payments & Bank Deposits - Record payments, generate receipts and bank deposits.
  • View / Void Prior Billing - View a previous billing batch or void a batch all at once.
  • Summer & Fall Deposits - Track deposits separately for summer, fall, etc.
  • Reporting - Customer statements, aging reports, account balance and tax statements.
  • Email Statements - Send customer statements and end-of-year tax summaries by email.
  • Audit Trail - Complete log of all changes to Ledger Cards.
Agency Accounting
Agency Payments

The Agency Accounting module helps you track Agency Payments and family co-pays for subsidized families working with agencies like DHS, DFACS, DFS, Headstart, etc. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Co-Payments & Agency Fees - Track agency amounts separate from parent co-payments.
  • Tie Payment to Charges - Apply payments to specific fees for each child.
  • Balances Tracking - Easily monitor outstanding balances from past months.
Tuition Express™ Payment Processing
Electronic Payment Processing

Automatically collect tuition fees and other payments with the Tuition Express™ Payment Processing Service. Works seamlessly with Procare including recurring payments tied to parent bank accounts, or credit cards, or collect payments instantly with the Point of Sale/card swipe system. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Checking / Savings - Automatically collect funds from parent checking or savings accounts.
  • Recurring Credit Card Payments - Set up regular charges to a parent credit card.
  • Card Swipe - Accept individual Credit Card payments with the Point of Sale feature.
  • Email Receipts - Automatically email parent receipts.
  • Online Parent Access - Parents can view payment history, change email address, etc. by logging on to their account.
Time & Attendance
Child Time and Attendance

Track Time and Attendance when you combine the Procare Attendance Tracker with Family Data to provide full service check-in capabilities for children. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Cross Family Pick Ups - Parents from one family may be authorized pick ups for other families.
  • Attendance Based Fees - Bill for attendance, overtime, late pick up, etc.
  • Billing Methods - Enhanced billing formulas now handle monthly dates, agency maximums, etc.
  • Change Log - Complete Time Card auditing records all changes.
  • Options - Add a Signature Pad, Fingerprint Reader (Biometric ID) or Receipt Printer.
  • For Employee Check In, please refer to Employee Data.
Menus & Meal Counts
Food Program Software

Quickly count meals served and plan menus with the Procare Meal Tracker. Simplify CACFP Food Program paperwork. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Meal Counts - Automate meal counts based on each child’s schedule or their actual attendance.
  • Eligibility - Track child eligibility status and reimbursement rates.
  • Menus - Create weekly and monthly menus to distribute to parents or include in your newsletter.
  • Copy Meals - Store reusable menus for a day or week then load them to another day / week.
Activity Manager

Schedule activities, classes, camps and enrichment programs for children. Perfect for classes with prerequisites, like swimming, soccer, karate, gymnastics and dance. It’s also the right Child Activity Management Software for after school programs, day camp and summer camp sessions.

  • Define Activity Categories and Locations
  • Schedule Unlimited Sessions
  • Set Class Limits
  • Handle Prerequisites
  • Assign Instructors
  • Charge Activity Fees (when used with Family Accounting)
Employee Records & Time Cards
Employee Database - Time Cards

Keep accurate Employee Time Cards, manage staff schedules and track all benefit hours. [Screen Shot Preview]

  • Scheduling - Accurate calendar based scheduling. Spread recurring schedules over many weeks or months or set up specific schedules for different time periods.
  • Log Sheets - Record important information, discussions, etc. and create custom log categories like Pay Rate History, Honors/Awards, Performance Evaluation, Attendance, Disciplinary, etc.
  • Benefit Hours - Accrue and track training, vacation, sick time, holidays, etc. based on actual hours worked.
  • Accurately record employee hours including automatic calculation of straight time and overtime hours.
  • Use the Corporate Organizer to export time card data to your third party payroll system such as ADP.
  • Electronic Document Storage - Attach PDF documents of important staff paperwork, required forms, etc.
Payroll Software
Daycare Payroll Software

Say good-bye to your payroll service. With Daycare Payroll Software from Procare, maintaining payroll records and calculating paychecks for your child-centered business has never been easier.

  • Payroll Calculations - Quickly calculate time card hours and withholdings for payroll deductions.
  • Overtime - Automatic calculation of straight time and overtime hours.
  • Print Checks - Print a batch of all payroll checks with a few clicks of the mouse or create a direct deposit file for your bank.
  • W2s - Print W2s and update tax tables with optional end-of-year software.
  • Tax Deposits - Print information for tax deposits and 941 reporting.
Budgets, Expenses and Financial Reporting
Child Care Business Software

Make profitable decisions for your Child Care Business. Software from Procare lets you track expenses, balance budgets and handle comprehensive financial reporting with the Expenses and Ledger software module.

  • Manage Expenses - Assign each bill or invoice to expense categories you define like classroom supplies, maintenance, utilities and rent.
  • Vendor Tracking - Maintain a record of your vendors, payment terms and check history.
  • Budgeting - Budget anticipated revenue and expenses.
  • Reporting - Print budgets, profit & loss statements, balance sheets and overall financial reports.
  • Balance Your Checkbook - True checkbook and deposit reconciliation.
  • Cash or Accrual - Handles cash or accrual basis accounting so bills may be paid now or later.
Procare Cloud - Live Access Anytime, Anywhere

The Procare Cloud service lets you access important child, family and staff information 24/7 from any Procare computer at any location (home, office, laptop, etc.).

  • Convenience - Live, real-time access from any Procare computer.
  • Efficiency - Install the Procare and VPN client software and we take care of the rest including nightly backups and automatic software updates.
  • Security - Data stored on our secure servers and only accessible through your Procare computers.
Corporate Solutions

Multiple Site data access, consolidation, reporting and exporting made simple.

  • Operations Reports
    Easily access and export data from multiple site facilities into an Excel spreadsheet to audit and compare center performance, revenue flow and enrollment
  • Payroll Import File
    Gather and consolidate employee payroll hours to create a generic file for import into your payroll system/company for processing.
  • AP/GL Import File
    Gather and consolidate general ledger activity to create a generic import file for your organization’s back end GL accounting system.
  • MORE...


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A Seat is required for each person signed into Procare at the same time. Family Data Module includes 2 Seats, Attendance Tracker includes 1 Seat. A Procare Check-in Computer uses one seat. Additional Seats: $195

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