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Tracking Child Allergies Part 2

published | 2/8/2011

Procare Software Tracking Software

This article is the second in a series of three exploring different ways to track child allergies at your childcare, daycare or preschool using Procare Software®. Today we’ll see how to assign ...


Tracking Child Allergies Part 1

published | 1/31/2011

Procare Software Tracking Software

This article is the first in a series of three, examining various methods of tracking children’s allergies at your childcare, daycare or preschool using Child Care Management ...


Employee Reimbursements Made Easy

published | 12/6/2010

Procare Software Software Employees and Staffing

Your trusted daycare employee, Stephanie, occasionally buys things for your school. She may pick up some classroom supplies, diapers or food and pays for them out of her own pocket. You’d like to pay ...


Track Multiple Classrooms per Child

published | 11/15/2010

Procare Software Tracking Software Scheduling Activities

What do kindergarten, softball, soccer and after school art class have in common? The answer may be Cindy Smith or Billy Jones. The same child may be scheduled in a variety of classrooms and ...


Children at 2 Daycare Locations

published | 9/27/2010

Procare Software Software

If you’re tasked with managing enrollment data for multiple child care centers or preschools – sticking pins in a map may not be the most effective way to track child and family information, ...


Move Family Between Daycare Locations

published | 9/21/2010

Procare Software Software

If you’re in charge of managing multiple child care, daycare or preschool facilities you may have times when a family moves from one location to another. Perhaps it’s because they actually moved to a ...

Create and Manage Your Daycare Waiting List

Create and Manage Your Daycare Waiting List

published | 5/25/2010

Procare Software Business Planning Software

Are you still keeping track of children on the waiting list at your child care, daycare, or preschool with paper and pencil, or perhaps a computer spreadsheet? Child care management software ...


Efficiently Manage Your Summer Camps

published | 5/17/2010

Procare Software Tracking Software

Does your child care center, daycare or after school program offer summer day camps or other special programs during the summer months? If so, you’ll probably find there is a lot to keep track of ...


Child Time Cards

published | 3/30/2010

Procare Software Tracking Software

With the Time and Attendance Tracker from Procare Software® it’s easy to see child time card totals at a glance or by running an attendance report for more details. You may even choose ...


Time & Attendance: Batch Check In

published | 3/23/2010

Procare Software Tracking Software

An efficient way to check many children in and out at once is not to stand on a ladder and adjust the big hands on a clock. A better way is to use a Time and Attendance program from a ...

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