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published | 3/30/2010

Procare Software Tracking Software

With the Time and Attendance Tracker from Procare Software® it’s easy to see child time card totals at a glance or by running an attendance report for more details. You may even choose whether to view time in hours and minutes or decimal format. Oh and let’s not forget time card rounding – you may select that as well.

Procare Software: Time and Attendance Tracker Example

Hours and Minutes vs. Decimal

Begin by selecting the time format you prefer. Let’s say a child attended an after school program from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. This would total two-and-a-half hours. The question is whether you prefer to see that as hours and minutes (2 hrs: 30 mins) or decimal format (2.5 hours).

  1. From the Procare Home screen choose Configuration > System > Regions & Schools.
  2. Select a Region (like Pacific Northwest) or individual Location (Daisy’s Daycare) > click Set Options.
  3. At the Options screen choose the General section (left side) and go to Display Time Span.
  4. Choose HH:MM (hours & minutes) or HH.HH (decimal).
  5. Click Save > Exit.
Procare Software: Hours and Minutes vs. Decimal Example

Child Time Card Rounding

Rounding allows you to have times recorded in even increments, for example to the nearest 5, 10 or 15 minutes. You may also turn rounding off so all times are recorded to the exact minute. If you round to the closest 15 minutes that means if someone checked in at 8:07 am their time would be shown as 8:00. If a person clocked in at 8:08 their time would be recorded as 8:15.

Rounding is also set from the Options screen (see steps 1 & 2 above) then:

  1. At the Options screen choose the Family Data section (left side) and scroll down to Time Card Options.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) next to Rounding Clock In or Rounding Clock Out.
  3. Choose a Rounding Method like “Closest” and a Minute Interval like 15 or “None” to use the exact minute.
  4. Click Save > Exit.
Procare Software: Child Time Card Rounding Example

View Time Card Hours

To see the hours for a particular child click the Time Card icon to display the in and out times for that child. Each set of in and out times are displayed on a separate line. Actual times are shown, however, you may click Show Rounding (lower left) to see rounded check in times. To see the total for a line hover your mouse over the far left hand side of the line (just to the left of the classroom name). 

Procare Software: Time and Attendance Tracker Example

Attendance Reports

You may print a time card report for an individual child directly from the child Time Card screen. Just click the Report button and select your dates. To print attendance reports for everyone at once go to Reports > Attendance Tracker and select a report category like Time Card or School Attendance then choose the report name and dates.

Procare Software: Attendance Reports Report

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