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The End is Near! 5 End-of-Year Tips for You

In just a few weeks, the 2016 year will end. Here are five tips to help you with the most frequent end-of-year tasks.

#1 Give parents statements for tax purposes

The most useful report is not just a list of payments, but a summary that also includes tuition and other charges. The Charge/Credit Summary (w/o Balance) is a nice report for this. See: End-of-Year Statements.

#2 Don't delete old records!

Typically, you won’t want to delete information from last year because it’s convenient to have recent information readily available and the records use only a small amount of space on your computer. See: Purge or Delete Old Records?

#3 Tasks to do in the Payroll Module for next year

When it’s time for your first payroll checks in 2017, you will need to Change the Payroll Year, and Update SUTA & FUTA Rates.

#4 Tax tables and W2s

The Procare News tab contains links to instructions for ordering and installing tax tables, and also W2 software, along with other timely notices. Tax tables are usually available the first week in January. If your first payroll is printed before the tax tables are available, you can Run Payroll with Old Tables for a week or two. You can also learn How to Use the W2 Software.

#5 Beginning balances for the new year

If you use the Expenses & Ledger module and your new fiscal year begins January 1, you may be wondering “How do I close the year?” Good news! There’s really nothing to close, but you will want to Calculate New Beginning Balances and Update Your General Ledger Calendar.

The beginning is near!

Wishing you a great year ahead,

Steve Suarez
Technical Support & Training Specialist

P.S. You may also be interested in our complete list of End-of-Year Frequent Questions.

How to Handle Drop-In Care with Procare

There are two important things to consider for drop-in billing.

Perfect for Returning Families

Procare is intended for use with returning families and children you expect to see regularly, even though you may not know just when they will “drop-in”. If you have a mix of part-time and full-time children, along with drop-ins, then Procare is an especially good fit. The next thing to consider is how families are charged their drop-in fees.

Pre-Pay for a Block of Hours

In some centers, families may purchase a preset block of hours in advance, then use up a few hours each time they drop-in. You can easily record the payment for the block of hours in Procare Family Accounting letting the family carry a credit balance on their account. As hours are charged to their account, the credit balance gradually decreases until it reaches zero. At that point additional blocks may be purchased.

Pay Now

The  “Pay Now” model means a family pays when the child is picked up. Or they might pay a deposit at drop-off with any remaining amount due at pick up. This means you’re charging fees and accepting payments throughout the day as various children come and go. Use the Drop-In Contract Billing or Drop-In Formula Billing features to quickly calculate and record fees.

Pay Later

The most efficient way to process drop-in fees is the “Pay Later” model. Here you wait until the end of the day or week and charge all families at once using Automated Formula Billing. This saves time as you don’t need to record charges and payments every time a child comes or goes. The parent can pay the next time they come in or use Tuition Express to automatically collect fees.
A Split Situation?

Are you pulled in two directions when it comes to billing... spending too much time trying to manage payments from parents who have split up? Or, perhaps a grandparent also wants to help out? Either way, in a divorce situation it can be difficult to track who the money is coming from, as well as how much. It’s embarrassing to make a mistake and bill the wrong person, but sometimes in split households it can happen.

We’re masters at billing

Procare Software can handle split billing for you! When two or more people pay separately for the same child, each person is easily set up as the Primary Payer on their own individual account. This provides each parent with their own account history including the amounts charged and paid, and the balance due for which they are responsible.

Tips for handling your split situations:

  • If a child is currently assigned to more than one account, they may be removed from one of them by clicking Remove Child. All their data will be retained under the other family.

  • When more than one person is paying a portion of a child's fees, the second person (or any additional persons) must be added as a separate account. In other words, they become the Primary Payer on their own account. The child is then added to the new account as an "existing person". See the article on Divorced Parents for more information.

Andy Spliethof
VP Creative Services

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Procare Profiles: Jesse Moreland

How I came to Procare:
I began working at Procare after graduating from Oregon Institute of Technology. I applied through LinkedIn, got a call from, and spent an hour-and-a-half talking to my future manager about the environment and how things were run at Procare. I liked what I heard and 15 months later, I’m still working here.

What I do at Procare:
I am responsible for maintaining the current system along with adding new features. I’ve added features such as using QR code authentication to reset your password and many of the things you see on the MyProcare website.

The most valuable thing I offer:
I’m driven to learn and improve the Procare system, as well as myself. Just because someone tells me something is the way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way and I always strive to find a better way. I have a positive attitude and do my best to make sure people around me feel welcome, acknowledged and appreciated.

What I do when not at work:
Despite being a software engineer, I enjoy many sports. I am a die-hard basketball player, but dabble in other activities such as football, weightlifting, snowboarding, skimboarding and, as of recently, ping pong. I also enjoy programming outside of work, designing things that make my life easier. I have a wife named Marisa, and she also eats up a lot of my time.

Little known fact about me:
My preferred genre of music is country.

My Favorite quotes:
“If your effort is low, you’re probably not thinking about the opportunity, you’re probably thinking about the obligation.” – Eric Thomas

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