Annual Subscription Update

For Procare customers who purchased a perpetual license and have the software installed on a local machine, we provide customers with the ability to update their software manually by purchasing a one-year subscription.   

We highly recommend that our Procare Desktop customers upgrade to a package solution with a monthly subscription that includes many benefits: 

  • Data is backed up, secured and available 24/7 in a hosted environment 
  • Automatic software updates with innovative new features released each month, available each time Procare is launched – no need for manual updates 
  • Free engagement functionality that includes family engagement and communications, classroom management capabilities and the ability to take mobile payments and interact with parents with Procare’s child care mobile app 
  • Access to all Procare modules in Procare Desktop
  • Unlimited support and implementation assistance

Please contact your account manager to learn more or you can complete the form here and your account manager will reach out to you directly.

To purchase an annual subscription update, visit the Procare store and enter your installation key for your Procare Desktop product.

Helpful FAQs

Do I have to update my Procare software? 

No – however, updating your software is highly recommended and enables your center or school to take advantage of our monthly product releases. 

Why should I update my software? 

Updating your software lets you take advantage of our ongoing enhancements to Procare Desktop.  New features and functionality are added each month to assist you in running your business more efficiently.    Other enhancements may include improvements to the overall operation of your system. Though some enhancements may not be obvious, your system may respond faster or work more smoothly.  Another advantage in purchasing this update is that you will receive unlimited and free access to our technical support teams to answer your questions and help troubleshoot any issues. 

How often should I update my software?

Updating at least once a year allows you to continue to receive free technical support (we recommend regular updates to take advantage of new features and functionality).

Can I receive free customer support if I don’t purchase an update?

No. Unfortunately Procare can only provide support to those customers on the most recent version of our software.  Your success is important to us and we are committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit from your software investment. However, in order to continue providing excellent support in a timely manner, we cannot support older versions. Far too many calls to our support department involve issues in earlier versions that have been addressed in recent updates. 

Will running an update to my software impact my data?

No. Although it is always a good idea to make daily backups, your data will not be affected. 

Is updating my software easy?

Absolutely.  Complete, easy-to-understand instructions are included with your update.

Do I need to pay a separate price for each module I own?

No. The complete update, regardless of the number of modules you use, includes every enhancement added to the system since your last purchased update

Can I update some locations, but not others?

If you have multiple locations, every center on your network that retains historical data for auditing or reporting requires an update.