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published | 1/1/2018

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For those of you using Procare’s Payroll module, you may order new tax tables through the Procare Online Store and they are now ready for you to download!

What’s new for 2018!

An important note for 2018 is that due to recent tax legislation, revised income tax tables have not yet been published by the federal government, and two states (Oregon and North Dakota) are also delaying their changes for the new year.

The IRS advises that 2017 rates continue to be used for the time being. New rates are expected to be implemented in February, 2018.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll download the tax tables twice this year

  • Once right now to get current tables for FICA withholdings (Social Security and Medicare), and all other states that have income tax, along with a placeholder for federal income tax that is based on the 2017 rates.
  • And a second time, likely near the beginning of February, to get the 2018 federal rates—along with any state updates. You’ll be notified through the Procare News sidebar when they become available.
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Other Payroll Reminders

Be sure to change your payroll year to 2018 – and –Update your settings for federal (FUTA) and state (SUTA) unemployment – and –Order W2 software through the Procare Online Store (Hint: you’ll also need pre-printed, 2-per page W2 forms available from Dynamic Systems or through your local office supply store).

Interested in learning how you can say goodbye to your payroll service? Learn more about our Payroll Software Module here.

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