4 Easy Ways to Track Summer Camps

published | 5/11/2015

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You can feel the warmth in the air—the longer days and sunshine can only mean one thing. Summer is on the way and soon your early childhood program will be buzzing with summer and day camp programs for children of all ages.

Depending on the size of your summer enrollment, it can be challenging to keep track of who’s in what camp on which days. But you’ll be prepared, because Procare Software helps you track summer-related information in a variety of ways. In this article we’ll take a look at the four most common ways to track your summer camps.

Procare Software Helps You Track Summer-related Information in a Variety of Ways.

#1. Enrollment Status

The simplest approach is to change the child’s enrollment status to Summer Break for times the child will be away and show them Enrolled during the weeks they will be at the center. This can be done ahead of time, as soon as you know the weeks they will be attending. Children will only be included on roll call sheets (and be charged) during the weeks they are marked as enrolled.

In addition, the classroom may be changed to Day Camp or whatever classroom names you use during the summer.

Hint: Wait to change the Primary Classroom until summer arrives, since those changes take effect immediately. You can also use the Classroom Graduation tool to move a group of children from one class to another.

Procare Software: Enrollment Status Example

#2. Tracking Codes for Camps

Tracking works best when you want to know which weeks each child will be coming, but aren’t concerned about their exact scheduled days or in/out times. You can even assign a limit to the number of children for each week. Another benefit is that you can leave the children as Enrolled all summer, because the tracking you assign will indicate whether they are there on a particular week or not. Use the tracking reports, like Child: Pickup Deliver and check the box to make it a sign-in sheet. See video: Using Tracking for Summer Camps.

You’ll charge summer fees by selecting only families with children assigned to a particular week. This works well if you have a fixed rate for the week that applies to all or most of those families. See: Selected Account Billing.

Procare Software: Multi Select Schedule Example

#3. One Schedule with Absences

Create one schedule to run the entire summer and mark absences for days the child will be away, such as when he or she is on vacation. This works well if many children are coming all summer or most of the summer. With this approach you may need to issue vacation credits for weeks the child is away (see video: Vacation Credit).

Procare Software: Schedule with Absences Example

#4. Many Different Schedules

This takes a bit more time to set up, but also gives you the most control over billing. When you make separate schedules for the weeks the child will be there, it’s no longer necessary to record absences for vacations—the child simply would not be scheduled. And by assigning the fees in each child’s Billing Box to their scheduled weeks, only those weeks are charged, so there’s also no need for vacation credits.

Procare Software: Many Different Schedules Example

Bonus Option: Use Activity Manager

The optional Activity Manager works well for situations where you have all kinds of different camps and programs, especially if want to print out a catalog of your offerings. It’s also a great option if there are prerequisites—for example, guppies is required before advancing to minnows. You can even batch assign activities to many children at once. Watch a Recording of Activity Manager.

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