4 Tips to Grow Your Child Care Enrollment

published | 3/15/2016

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Lying in a field of clover on a sunny spring day is the perfect way to spend a carefree afternoon—but if you’re waiting for a lucky four-leaf clover to increase enrollment at your preschool, you may be in for a surprise.

Enrollment gains aren’t based on luck. They require focus on marketing your child care business and effectively communicating with potential families. Lucky for you though, it’s easy to do when using Procare Child Care Management Software and following these 4 tips to grow your enrollment.

#4 How did they hear about your center?

To measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it’s important to track how new prospects heard about you. Perhaps they drove by and saw your sign, attended an open house, found you online, saw an article in your local paper, or heard about you from a friend. Procare makes it easy to track the source along with any other information you need.

Procare Software: Marketing Account Tracking Example

#3 Toured, Waiting List, Preregistered

You’ll want a way to know the status of each child too—has their family taken a tour, are they on your waiting list, have they preregistered, etc. By doing so, you’ll be able to follow up with families at each point in the process (see tip #2 below) and increase the likelihood of enrollment.

Procare Software: Status Example

#2 Follow Up, Communicate!

Once a parent has made contact with you, be sure to follow up. A great tool built into Procare’s Family Data Software is the ability to email or text groups of families. Thank them for contacting you, remind them about special programs you offer, and let them know of upcoming events—like an open house.

Procare Software: Text Example

#1 Your Best Marketing Resource––Parents!

The best marketing resource you have are the families whose children attend right now. Parents with young children know other parents with young children and their personal recommendations are very compelling. Most people are happy to be a good reference for your center, if you just ask. Make sure to include parent reviews in a brochure and on your web site.

Hint: a quote from a parent is nice, but including a picture or short video to go with it is even better.

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