published | 3/19/2015

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When the weather is stormy, there’s nothing more important than finding a safe harbor—that’s especially true where protecting your child care database is concerned.

At Procare Software, the last thing our support technicians like to hear is “my computer crashed and I don’t have a backup of my data.” With that in mind, there’s a great way to ensure your data is backed up safely—by having Procare automatically copy your backup to a cloud-based storage location (like Dropbox or OneDrive). You’ll have an off-site backup to protect you in the event something happens to your main computer—which would be a very rainy day indeed.

How to Copy Your Backup to the Cloud

In this example we use Microsoft OneDrive, although you could use a similar tool like Dropbox. OneDrive is a free cloud storage solution built into Windows 8. It can also be installed for Windows 7. See: Download OneDrive.

Step 1: Create a Folder

After you install OneDrive, create a folder to store your backups—such as “PROCARE”.

Procare Software: Folder Location Example

Step 2: Tell Procare to copy your backups to that folder

  1. At your main computer (server) browse to the folder C:\Program Files\Procare\Server.
  2. Dbl-click the file SQLConfig (it may say SQLConfig.exe).
  3. Click the Offsite Backup tab.
  4. Check the box to Enable Offsite Backup Copies.
  5. Browse to the Folder you you created; the path may be something like C:\Users\your_name\OneDrive\PROCARE.
  6. Click Verify, then Save & Exit.
  7. Restart the computer (or manually stop and restart the Procare Licensing Service) for the change to take effect.
Procare Software: Offsite Backup Folder Example

Step 3: Make a Backup in Procare

  1. You can either manually Make a Backup or set automatic Scheduled Backups.
  2. Once the backup is complete, check to confirm that it was copied to your folder in OneDrive.

Note: We recommend you continue to periodically check the off-site backup location to confirm that current backups are being created as expected.

Now you have an automatic, off-site backup that can easily be recovered if you have a computer crash, virus, electrical storm, fire, flood, or anything that causes your main computer to stop working.

Of course, if you’re using Procare Cloud®, backups are managed by Procare, so your data is always protected, regardless of the weather.

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