published | 11/5/2014

Preschool Tracking Software

Have you ever swung so high that it felt like your toes could nearly reach the sky? There’s something uniquely fascinating about clouds that can spark your imagination (what does that cloud look like?) and make you wonder what it would be like to touch them.

Clouds can be inspiring and mysterious, two words which could describe the clouds in our sky or the concept of cloud computing, but the similarities don’t end there.

Bringing the Cloud to Your Preschool

What is Cloud Computing?

Just as the clouds above our heads are far away and accessible from all over the earth, in cloud computing information is stored on secure, remote servers accessible from anywhere you can get online. By contrast, traditional computing—where data is stored on your individual computer—is fine if you’re always working from that location, but not so convenient when you need access from home or elsewhere.

Hosting Data in the Cloud for Your Preschool

When you host your data on a remote computer, you have access to it when you need it… at home, at your child care center, or when you’re on the go. Using a hosting service, like Procare Data Cloud, also means backups are handled automatically. In fact, Procare’s service even includes free updates and Web-Based Apps to help you keep tabs on what’s happening at your center. Procare web apps include a smartphone reporting tool with up-to-date information about your families and finances (emergency contacts, amount owed, who’s checked in, monthly revenue, and even your checkbook balance). My favorite thing is the touch-to-call feature built into the emergency contacts screen (see image).

Plus there’s a separate check-in app, perfect for curbside check-in, where a staff person touches the name of the pickup person and indicates the children they are checking in or out.

Procare Data Hosting is also highly secure. Only computers with your uniquely licensed client software can connect to the system, and only people set up by you may log in. There’s also an access log showing who logged in and out.

Procare Web App Example

Benefits of Data Hosting

Procare Data Hosting offers these benefits:

  • Access from any Procare enabled computer* 
  • Web-based apps for your tablet or smartphone 
  • Software updates (a $125/year value)
  • Nightly backup service
  • Secure connection with multi-level protection

*A high-speed internet connection is required. Take the Data Hosting Speed Test.

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