published | 8/1/2011

Daycare Safety

Of course you know the motto “Safety First”. On field trips I’m certain every one of the toddlers and preschoolers in your care (and perhaps a teddy bear too) is lovingly helped into their car seats to keep them secure. You may even have posters displayed or a song to sing about being safe. In fact at my children’s elementary school “Be Safe” is the very first part of their school motto.

Car seats for children? Well, of course. That kind of precaution is so ingrained in us it’s practically automatic. But how is using a car seat in any way related to the childcare database entered on your computer? Well, your data is important for sure. Can you imagine losing all that accounting history – payments received, deposits made, balances owed – not to mention basic name, address and emergency contact information, immunizations and more? It could be not only time consuming, but perhaps impossible to accurately re-create.

So what do I mean by a “car seat” for your data?

Precautions with Your Data

In general terms I’m talking about taking precautions – about backing up the daycare data on your computer to ensure you’ll have current information ready to restore in the event of fire, theft, computer problems, or just plain human error. More specifically I’m talking about taking advantage of the many back up features built into Procare Software® and about establishing a backup routine that is so ingrained you do it automatically, or better yet, that your software helps you do automatically.

Scheduled Backups

Although the ability to schedule backups has been available for a while you may not be aware how easy it is to specify the day(s) and time you want a backup to be made. This happens automatically, in the background, even if you are working in Procare at the time. See our previous Blog Post on Scheduled Backups or a step-by-step knowledge base article on How to Schedule Backups.

Back Up to Another Location

Certain backup files are stored directly by Procare and appear on your Archive & Restore List for easy access, but you’ll want to copy backups to another location (known as an “offline” backup) for safe keeping. Backups may be copied to a folder, external hard drive, usb “thumb” drive, etc. When you Manually Make a Backup you’ll be asked if you want to copy it “offline” or you may do it yourself at a later time. You’ll be able to keep as many backup files as you wish and even take them off-site (away from the center) as an additional precaution.

Auto Copy Backups to a Drive, FTP Site, etc.

View Video: Auto Copy Backup to External Location

ou can further simplify the process by setting Procare to automatically copy each backup to a specified “external” location like a folder, usb drive or even an FTP site. When used together with Scheduled Backups the Auto Copy feature is a powerful way to put your daycare data in its own car seat. See article: Copy Backup Automatically

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