6 Key Factors to Consider for Starting & Operating an After School Program

6 Key Steps to Starting an After-School Program

published | 3/2/2020

After School Business Planning Employees and Staffing Security

Starting a successful after-school program offers an important service to working parents and their children. A high-quality after-school program provides a safe, nurturing environment ...

  How to Improve Attendance at Your After School Program

How to Improve Attendance at Your After-School Program

published | 7/2/2019

After School Business Planning Scheduling Tracking

Strong attendance numbers are the sign of a successful after-school program. It means that your program is inclusive, interesting, and valuable for children and parents alike. On the other hand, ...

Manage Activities, Day Camps and After School Programs with Procare Software

5 Ways to Enrich Your After-School Program

published | 3/12/2019

After School Activities

Successful after school programs provide an environment for creative learning experiences and unique socialization opportunities in a setting that can be less rigid than their regular schooling or ...

After School Isn't an Afterthought with Procare Software

After School Isn’t an Afterthought with MyProcare Parent Scheduler

published | 9/1/2017

After School Scheduling Software

With the MyProcare® Parent Scheduling feature, parents can access and modify their child’s after-school activities – which means you won’t have to! Parents simply log into their account, review the ...

Improve Activities & Experiences with After School Program Management Software

Improve Activities & Experiences with After School Program Management Software

published | 8/29/2017

After School Activities

After school programs are more than just a resource for busy parents who need extra child supervision later in the day. They are another way for children to socialize with their peers, learn new ...

10 After School Program Activities That Promote Early Child Care Development

10 After School Program Activities That Promote Early Child Care Development

published | 8/17/2017

After School Activities Health

It is a common practice in many countries for parents to enroll their young children in early education programs. There are many factors that motivate parents to leave their children in the care of ...

Manage Bus Runs for After School with Procare Software

Managing Bus Runs for After-School Programs

published | 9/22/2015

After School Tracking

Does keeping track of bus runs leave you feeling upside down? With the school year under way, you may find yourself needing a better way to record the time groups of children get on or off the bus.

Managing Data for After-School Programs

Managing Data for After-School Programs

published | 7/14/2015

After School Tracking Software

No matter what type of after school programs you offer, from art and music to soccer and basketball, there’s one aspect they have in common—data management.

Track Before and After School Information

published | 9/4/2013

After School Business Planning Activities Tracking Scheduling

By the time children reach school age, they no longer need full-time care, but they may be involved in before and after school activities at your child care, activity center, or YMCA.

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