How to Choose the Best Child Care Management Software

How to Choose the Best Child Care Management Software

published | 10/24/2017

Child care Budget Software Business Planning

Child care providers wear many hats. To children they are teachers, caregivers, entertainers, and confidants. To parents they are needed support, trusted helpers, and a resource that can report on ...

Tips to Keep Your Families Happy

10 Tips to Keep Your Families Happy This Year

published | 10/1/2017

Child care Health

Spending time with kids all day may be your specialty and what got you into the child care business in the first place, but all kids come with families you need to maintain relationships with too. ...

The Importance of Sensing Danger

The Importance of Sensing Danger

published | 10/1/2017

Child care Safety Health Security

You can only respond to an emergency if you know that it exists. However, when it comes down to it, there are many roadblocks that can prevent people from sensing danger as quickly as might be ...

Why Child Care Management Software is a Must

Why Management Software is a Must for Any Child Care Center

published | 9/1/2017

Child care Software Business Planning Tuition

The child care industry sure has changed a lot over the past couple of decades, hasn’t it? I have so many clients who started their child care businesses two, three, or even four decades ago and most ...

Tips for Handling Stressed Parents

5 Tips for Handling Stressed Parents

published | 9/1/2017

Child care Business Planning Health

It’s that time of year again; rain clouds on the horizon threaten the hot summer sun, the first few leaves are changing color around the edges, and school has started up again for the fall. 

Getting Your Classroom Ready for Back to School with Procare Software

Getting your Classroom Ready for the School Year

published | 8/1/2017

Child care Activities

The new school year is almost here! Are you ready? Here’s a short checklist to make sure you get off to a smooth start.

8 Essential Steps to Starting a Child Care Center

8 Essential Steps to Starting a Child Care Center or Preschool by Kris Murray

published | 8/1/2017

Child care Business Planning

As a leading expert in the business of child care, I often get asked about the key steps one should follow when deciding to open an early learning center or preschool.

Summer Safety Tips - Procare Software

Summer Safety Tips

published | 7/1/2017

Child care Safety Health

It’s hot, the days are long, and summer is in full swing! There’s nothing quite like spending time outside on a nice day watching the kids having fun for hours. But don’t forget to be prepared for ...

Tips to Grow Your Enrollment - Procare Software

6 Tips to Grow Your Enrollment

published | 7/1/2017

Child care Business Planning Registration

Want to increase your enrollment, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled some helpful tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Center Security with Procare Software

Insights from the Experts: Procare Safety and Security Solutions

published | 6/3/2017

Child care Safety Security

Secure Education Consultants (SEC) is a unique safety and security consulting firm. Our uniqueness lies in two facts; not only is our staff made up completely of former US Secret Service Agents, ...

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