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published | 4/18/2012

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Are you looking to improve your knowledge of Procare Software®? Perhaps you’re just getting started or know how to do a few things, but want to learn more. 

Mobile Apps for Child Care Management

Mobile Apps for Child Care Management

published | 4/10/2012

Procare Software Business Planning Software

Roads are wonderful metaphors. They can represent links between time and place, ways to get from here to there, and anticipation of what’s coming around the bend. So, what might that road look like ...

Is Managing Your Child Care Enrollment like Playing Musical Chairs?

Is Managing Your Child Care Enrollment like Playing Musical Chairs?

published | 3/13/2012

Procare Software Billing Tracking Software Scheduling

Musical chairs, it’s a great game with oh-so-familiar rules. Once the music stops, it’s all about who can sit down most quickly; who can claim that last vacant seat. Predicting child care ...


Be Prepared, Not Alarmed

published | 2/15/2012

Procare Software Business Planning Software

It’s so easy to take technology for granted. We assume we’ll be able to look up whatever we need on our computers, smart phones and tablet devices. So what happens when your computer isn’t working, ...


Getting the Right Help at the Right Time

published | 4/4/2011

Procare Software Software

Ever feel like throwing a party when you actually figure out how to do something on your computer? It can be like that sometimes. You struggle with a task, but when you finally figure it out – and ...


You Asked, We Listened

published | 3/30/2011

Procare Software Software

Through the years we’ve encouraged you to send us ideas for improving Procare Software® to better serve your needs by adding to the Procare Suggestion List. Each message is read ...


Track Donations and Fund Raiser Revenue

published | 3/8/2011

Procare Software Tracking Software Budget Business Planning

Do you want to know how effective your fund-raising efforts are? With Procare Software® you can track donations to your childcare center, preschool or other child-centered business a couple ...


Handling Secondary Classrooms

published | 2/28/2011

Procare Software Tracking Software Scheduling

A few months ago we looked at Tracking Multiple Classrooms with child schedules and tracking items for your child care, preschool or daycare center using Procare Software®. This article ...


Tracking Child Allergies Part 3

published | 2/14/2011

Procare Software Tracking Software

This final article in our series of three explores creating your own data fields to track child allergies at your childcare, daycare or preschool using Procare Software®. This approach combines ...

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Merced, CA

We have used Procare Child Care Management system for over 3 years now and are very pleased with it. It is efficient and useful.

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