published | 9/27/2010

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If you’re tasked with managing enrollment data for multiple child care centers or preschools – sticking pins in a map may not be the most effective way to track child and family information, especially when children in the same family attend different locations. This may happen if one of your child care facilities offers programs for younger children, like infants and toddlers, while another offers after school programs for older kids.

In our last article we showed how to use Procare Software® to Move a Family from one location to another. This time around we’ll offer a road map to follow when tracking data for siblings that attend different locations. 

Editor’s Note: Beginning in version 10.2.4801 use the new Copy Accounts utility.

Add Family at Both Location

We’ll assume the family has already been entered with children who attend the first location. Next, you would log into the second location and Add a New Account. The account itself will be new (they’ll have an account at both locations) but when you add people, such as the parents, you’ll add them as “existing people”. This way they are linked. If you change an address, phone, etc. it changes at both locations. If the children who attend the second location were never entered at the first location then enter them as new children in location two. If they were previously enrolled at the first location then add them as “existing people” as well.

Procare Software: Add Person Example

Separate or Combined Accounting

The family will have two accounting records with a Ledger Card at each location. The children will also have their own Billing Boxes for recurring charges at each location. You may keep them that way if, for business reasons, you wish to record all revenue and payments separately. This means the family would pay separately for each location.

Another option would be to credit the fees charged at one location and transfer them to the other in an automated fashion. The family would make a single payment; however that payment would be credited in full to one location rather than split between the two.

To combine them:

1. First set up a recurring credit at the location you’re moving the revenue from. The Credit Description might be called “Transfer to Location 2”.

Procare Software: Transfer Example

2. Then create a recurring charge at the location where payments will be recorded. The charge description might be called “Transfer from Location 1”.

Procare Software: Child Billing Box Example

Check In Children at Both Locations

One final note: A parent, or other pickup person, may Register to Check In at either location, it doesn’t matter which one. Then they’ll be able to check children in at either place using the same ID and password.

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