published | 3/1/2010

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Procare Software version 10 has recently added the ability to group and sort information on child care software reports such as roll call sheets and sign in sheets. For instance you may wish to have an alphabetical list of all children in your daycare center or print separate pages for each classroom.

Procare Software: Group and Sort Reports Example

How to Group & Sort Daycare Reports

  1. In Procare v10 go to the Reports menu and choose a category like Family Data > Rollcall Sheets (See a list of See a list of All Procare Reports).
  2. Then select the type of report you wish to run like a “Weekly: 5 Day, DOB” (with date of birth).
  3. Use the Filter to include certain children, like only those enrolled as of this week.
  4. Then use the Group & Sort feature to choose how the roll call should be displayed.”Group By” determines the how the page is displayed (the page break). Set it to Primary Classroom to get each class on a separate page. Set it to None to print all children on a single page regardless of their classroom.”Sort By” is how the names appear within the group. Choose Child’s Name foralphabetical order. Some reports may give you other choices too like Oldest to Youngest or Youngest to Oldest to sort by age.
  5. Click Run Report to bring up the Print Preview screen and that’s all there is to it. Learn more about Procare Reports.
Procare Software: Filter Reports Example

Check for the Latest Online Update

If you are currently using Procare v10 be sure to check for the latest online update (Procare Home screen > Utilities > Check for Online Update).

Procare Software: Group and Sort Daycare Reports Example

Learn more about Procare Software®

If you would like to find out more about Procare please visit If you are just getting started with Procare v10 sign up for the Procare Webinar to learn all the basic things you need to know.

Free Daycare Reports

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Here’s wishing you continued success in your child care business

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