published | 10/18/2011

Daycare Tracking Employees and Staffing Security

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) eligible employees at your child care, daycare or preschool may be entitled to job security and continuation of benefits during a qualified leave. Some common examples include the arrival of a new baby or caring for an immediate relative with a serious illness. You might also allow employees to take other kinds of unpaid leave as well. As an employer, you’d probably like to track the time off without including those hours as paid compensation. With Procare Software® and the Employee Data module you can do just that.

What do I need in Procare?

First, you will need to create a Pay Code for this benefit, probably called Unpaid Leave or something similar. Once you’ve created the pay code, you would assign it as a Benefit Code, and make the compensation percentage zero. Each employee has a pay code, such as teacher, with their standard hourly rate but since your new pay code is set to pay out at zero percent you’ll be able to track the hours without adding any dollar amount to the paycheck.

How do I set it up and enter the times?

After creating the pay code simply record the time in the employee’s time card either directly or by using the Planned Time Off section on the Employee Benefits screen. Entering time off as Planned makes it easier to Batch Post this time later on. Normally this type of benefit would not be Earned so the balance would show as a negative amount. However, you could post an Earned amount for the employee at the start of their leave, such as 12 weeks worth of time. That way as the benefit hours are applied the balance would decline accordingly.

Can I see just these hours on reports?

Of course! By setting the employee’s Employment Status to something such as Family Leave you can filter employee reports like the Time Card or Benefit Hours reports so that only employees with a status of Family Leave are included. A good report to see the total leave hours for this particular benefit code is the “Employee Benefit Summary by Benefit Type” report, located under Reports > Standard Reports > Employee Data > Employee Benefit.

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