published | 6/21/2011

Daycare Business Planning

New Email Features for Your Child Care Business

Getting messages and announcements out to parents is a crucial part of communications between your child care center and your families. But how can you quickly get the information out? Email, of course, is a great tool – but there may be different ways you want to use it.

With that in mind Procare Software® has recently added some new email options to their popular Child Care Management Software.

New! Copy Email Addresses

The ability to easily copy a list of email addresses has been a popular request and now it has become a standard feature! You may even select a category of families to include, such as all those with a child in a certain classroom, then further decide which families among those should be sent your email.

Procare Software: Copy Email Address Example

Once the addresses have been copied you may paste them in the “To” or “Bcc” line of your email. Bcc stands for “Blind carbon copy” and means the people who receive your email do not see the addresses of all the other recipients. Another advantage is if a person hits “Reply All” the only one to gets their reply is you, the sender, instead of it accidentally going to everyone on your list. You might need to look in your advanced email options to find “Bcc” as it is often hidden by default.

Learn more: How to Copy Email Addresses

New! Attach File to Email

Ever want to attach something to your email like your Monthly Menu, or a Flyer? Now you can attach files such as .PDFs, Word .DOCs, etc. to email sent using Procare. Just create your document or PDF first and save it to a convenient location like your desktop. Then select the families to receive your email and attach your file. Whiz, bang, you’re done!

Procare Software: Filtered File Type Example

Learn more: How to Attach a File to Email

Email Letters, Email Statements, Export Address List

Here are several other handy email features that have been part of Procare for a while now:

  • Email Letters: Use the built-in letter merge to automatically insert fields from Procare such as a person’s name, address or balance due right into your email.
  • Email Statements: Send financial statements to each family showing each item charged, payments received and their balance due in an easy to read “statement” format. You could do this once a month, at the end of the year, or whenever you like.

Export Email Address List: You can even create a list of email addresses to export from Procare then import them to the contacts list in your email program.

If you’re a current user of Procare be sure to check for the Latest Online Update to make sure you have all the current features.

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