published | 9/13/2010

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You’re probably familiar with the old real estate mantra of “location, location, location”, but when it comes to managing your daycare or preschool you could say “communication, communication, communication” is the real key to a successful child care business. In other words, keeping parents in the loop about what’s happening at your center and with their children is a marvelous way to retain satisfied customers and keep referrals for new families coming your way.

Although direct face-to-face communication is very important, in today’s electronic world email has become a key element in on-going communication with families. In this article we’ll describe several ways Procare Software® can simplify email communication at your center.

Email a Single Family

You can send email to a single family just by clicking the email link on their account. This works well if you have an email program installed on your local computer like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Eudora.

Note: Clicking an email link cannot log you into a Webmail account like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL. Instead copy the address from the Person Information screen (highlight, right-click, copy) and paste it in the To: line of your email.

Procare Software: Email a Single Family Example

Email a Group or Single Family

The easiest way to email a group of people is to use Procare’s built-in Letter Merge. The email goes only to families you select, such as those with children in a particular classroom, or it may be sent just to the current family displayed on screen. Each letter is sent as a .PDF attachment. You may even choose to have the fact that you sent the email automatically recorded in the Family Log Sheet. See blog post: How to Email Letters

Export Your Email List / Copy & Paste

Another method is to compose the message directly in your email program (without an attachment). You could then export email addresses from Procare and import them to your Address Book / Contacts List or copy and paste them to the To: or Bcc: lines of your email. You may use the Data Viewer feature of Procare to create a list of names and email addresses then export them to a format like CSV that your email program can import, or from which you may copy and paste.

Email Customer Statements

You might also want to email financial statements to all family accounts at once which can be especially helpful for end of year tax statements. See blog post: Automate Childcare Billing & Email Statements.

Email a Report

Lastly, you may wish to email a report from Procare to a particular person. For example, you may want to email time card reports to your main office, or a financial report to your accountant. In this case you’d simply Exportthe report from the Report Viewer screen to another format like .PDF and then attach that file to your email.

Procare Software: Report Viewer Example

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