Flexible Scheduling and Billing with MyProcare

published | 6/2/2017

MyProcare Billing Software Scheduling

For Procare Cloud customers, MyProcare’s new Family Selected Scheduling feature is a great way for after-school programs and other non-ratio based programs to give parents the flexibility to choose schedules for their children in advance.

When parents select schedules, those changes are automatically entered into the Child’s Schedule screen in Procare. You can choose to receive an email alert when changes are made. But, because the family controls the schedule, you can’t set billing rates that are linked to a particular schedule—although you can set a standard rate that applies to all schedules a child may have.

For example, you can apply a rate to the Standard Billing (all Schedules) section of the Child’s Billing Box.

Billing Box - Procare Software

But not to a particular scheduled period of time, when this is controlled by the parent.

Billing Box - Procare Software

We trust that both you and the families will enjoy this great new scheduling option!

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