published | 2/28/2011

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A few months ago we looked at Tracking Multiple Classrooms with child schedules and tracking items for your child care, preschool or daycare center using Procare Software®. This article provides more detail on using Child Tracking categories for secondary classrooms with either Procare’s standard Tracking Reports or building customized views with the Data Viewer feature.

Begin by creating Child Tracking Items for each additional classroom you want to track, then assign the classroom(s) to each child by clicking their Tracking button and checking them off:

Procare Software: Child Tracking Icon Example
Procare Software: Child Tracking Icon Example

Once all children have the classroom(s) assigned, you may generate reports. View the short video clip (below) to see several options using built-in reports, including Filtered, Rollcall and Tracking reports.

Another option is to build your own report view using the Data Viewer. You can then print a simple list or export the data to another program to add formatting, page breaks and so forth. Here’s a video clip (below) of building a Data Viewer report:

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