Keep Your Parents Connected and Informed with KidReports Daily Sheets

published | 7/5/2018

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When parents drop their kids off at your child care center in the morning and then don’t see or hear from them again until pickup 8 hours later, it’s easy for them to feel disconnected from your center and uninformed on their children’s daily activities. Adding to that disconnection, maybe the child doesn’t want to talk about everything that happened that day, or a parent isn’t able to catch up with the teacher during a hectic pickup time. More often than not, parents would love to be more informed about the day’s events in the easiest way possible.

KidReports’ daily sheets provides parents that connection. With KidReports, parents electronically receive a daily report via text, push notification, or email. The daily report contains all the notable events that teachers have uploaded throughout the day, from how long a child slept during naptime to pictures of their artwork from a finger-painting activity. Parents can know right away how their kid’s day went without having to track down the teacher or ask their child the right leading questions, keeping them fully informed without the extra work.

Keep Parents Connected with the KidReports App

To feel even more connected, parents can also download the KidReports app and receive activity notifications real-time. They’ll know right away whether their child ate their full lunch or scraped their knee during outside play. These real-time updates not only keep them informed of their child’s activities without waiting for the end-of-day daily sheet, but helps them feel even more connected to both their child and the center in that long time between drop-off and pickup.

Parents know you’re keeping their child safe while they’re at work--but the peace of mind that comes from the real-time updates and detailed electronic daily reports lets them know that you want them to feel a part of their children’s days too.

You can read more about how KidReports can help you and parents stay connected here. Now is also the perfect time to sign up for a KidReports demo before the school year starts, and as a Procare Software user, you can get your first month free*!

*Procare customers who sign up new to KidReports will get the first month for free.

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