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published | 1/1/2018

Procare Software Employees and Staffing Tracking Software

Revolutionize your classroom management and parent engagement by adding the integrated features of KidReports to Procare Software.

Procare Cloud customers have access to KidReports, the leading digital parent communication app. Through the exclusive integration, your data will be synced daily between KidReports and Procare Software — eliminating the need for duplicate entries and saving you and your team time.

Discover the KidReports Advantage:

Parent Engagement

  • Unlimited text messages, emails, push notifications and FREE parent apps.
  • Multi-language support of over 40 language options for parents.

School Tools

  • Easy to use teacher app and director portal allowing your school to go paperless.
  • Customizable reporting to support your school needs.
  • Complete portfolio tools allow you to use KidReports to track milestones and observations.
  • Lesson planning and calendar tools help schools better plan their daily needs.
  • Centralized messaging allowing you to message some of all family members or staff.
  • Company management allowing access to one or hundreds of schools with ease.

Technology and Support

  • Our experienced engineering team allows us to continually make enhancements.
  • Strong security protocols ensure safety.
  • Lifetime data storage provided at no additional charge.
  • Offline mode allows KidReports to work even if your wifi is not available.

For a limited time, Procare Cloud customers receive special pricing! Along with a FREE TRIAL with access to KidReports LITE, the exclusive version available only to Procare Cloud customers. KidReports Lite lets you tap into the power of digital communication, at a low monthly cost. When you’re ready to take your classrooms fully digital, upgrading to KidReports is quick and simple.

Discover the power of Procare + KidReports

Procare Software and KidReports

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