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published | 3/11/2013

After School Activities

Does your child-centered business offer activities for children, like soccer, music, dance, karate, swimming, day camps or after school sessions? If so, you may be interested in the new Procare Activity Manager.

Keeping children active is a goal of both parents and child care providers alike. And, having a way to manage multiple sessions, prerequisites, and child activity rosters is important for your programs to be efficient and successful. If you charge activity fees, you’ll also want to be sure each family is charged the proper amount for their selected sessions.

What is Activity Manager?

Activity Manager is a software module that gives you the power to create a series of activities, classes, camps or programs, and assign them to children. You can specify prerequisites, assign instructors, choose the location, and even associate an activity fee with each class. Activity Manager works with the Family Data and Family Accounting modules to provide a seamless method of tracking who is in each activity and the revenue generated. Of course, if you need to track the activities only, and not the revenue side, that’s okay too.

How does it work?

You’ll create locations, known as Work Areas, where the activities will take place, such as “Field One”, “Main Pool”, or “Auxiliary Gym”.

Procare Software: Activities Work Area Example

If you charge a fee for some or all activities, you’ll create Charge Descriptions, like “Soccer”, “Swimming” or “Summer Camp”.

Procare Software: Activities Charge Description Example

Next, you’ll create Categories of activities; these might also be “Soccer”, “Swimming” and “Summer Camp”. Or, if certain classes will have prerequisites, you may want the categories to indicate the level, like “Soccer: Level 1”.

Procare Software: Add Activities and Categories Example

You’ll then add Activities within each category, specifying start and end dates, along with the cost and class size limit, as needed. You’ll assign one or more instructors and indicate the days and times the activity occurs.

Procare Software: Child Activities Scheduled Location Example

Finally, you’ll assign activities to children, either one at a time or quickly as part of a batch of children. This is when the fee (if any) is automatically charged to the parent’s account.

Procare Software: Child Activity Schedule Example

And, once the session has ended, you may mark that the child has completed the activity. This fulfills any prerequisite requirement you may have. Again, this may be done individually or as part of a batch of children at once.

Procare Software: Child Activity Completed Example

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