published | 5/17/2010

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Does your child care center, daycare or after school program offer summer day camps or other special programs during the summer months? If so, you’ll probably find there is a lot to keep track of such as who is enrolled for each week of camp, how to generate camp rosters and roll call sheets, and how to record summer camp fees.

In this article we’ll explore how Procare Software® can help you more efficiently manage your summer programs. You may also be interested in how to accept Prepaid Deposits for Summer.

Track Children Who Attend Each Camp

Watch Video: Tracking Summer Camp Enrollment

First you’ll Create Tracking Items to indicate each camp that is offered. You’ll have an overall category (like “Summer Programs” or “Summer Camp”) and within the category many items, like week1, week2; or science, swimming, music. You may even set a Usage Limit, if there are only so many slots available (zero means there is no limit).

Procare Software: Create Tracking Items Example

Assign Tracking to Each Child

Once you’ve created the tracking items, you’ll assign them to children as they sign up for a particular summer program. Just click the Tracking icon on the Child Toolbar.

Procare Software: Tracking Button Example

Print Camp Rosters / Roll Call Sheets

It’s easy to get a list of all children signed up for a particular week of camp based on the tracking item(s) assigned to each child.

Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Tracking:

  • For a simple list, use the Child: Roster report and choose the tracking category, like “Summer Programs”. You’ll get a separate page for each week of camp.
  • If you prefer a roll call format, try the Child: Pickup/Deliver – Weekly 5 Day report and check the box for either a roll call (am/pm) or a sign in/out format.
Procare Software: Reports Option Example

Hint: For other roll call options go to Reports > Family Data > Rollcall Sheets > select the format of your choice, like Weekly: 5 Day and use the Filter button to select a particular tracking item (week of camp) to include.

Charge Fees for Camp

You may charge each family one at a time as they sign their children up for camp by going directly to their Account Ledger. Or, you may prefer to charge all families for a particular week at once (like all the week1 families) using Selected Account Billing – which works well if most children in that program (camp) are charged the same fee.

  1. Go to Functions > Family Accounting > Automated Billing Procedures > Selected Account Billing.
  2. Click the Select Filter button > filter by Child > and choose the Child Tracking item for the appropriate week of camp.
  3. Then pick a Description to charge (like Summer Camp) and a Comment (like Session 1). Enter the Amount to be charged per child, then click Next. A list of all children assigned that tracking item will be displayed with the pending fees.
  4. To select all children click the check box at the top of the list. You may individually uncheck anyone you do not wish to charge or change individual amounts if needed.
  5. Click Post > Exit.

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