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published | 4/14/2013

Child care Business Planning Software

Do you have a logo for your child care business? Brand awareness and recognition are important aspects of marketing any business, especially child care. A professional looking logo helps separate you from the pack and will stick in the minds of parents and children alike.

Since your current families are typically the best way to get referrals, the more they see your logo, the better. In fact, you’d be surprised how many times a logo is used to help describe who you are and even where you’re located. Imagine a conversation where one parent says: “My children go to Little Red Schoolhouse. We love it. You know the one on the corner with the big red sign.” And the other parent says, “Oh, yes, the red schoolhouse, I know the one you mean.”

There are several places the logo of your center may look nice, such as on letters sent to families, on customer statements, or even at your check-in computer where parents clock their children in each day. In this article we’ll take a look at various ways to integrate your logo with Procare Software.

Logo on Statements & Home Screen

It’s easy to add your child care center logo to customer statements in Procare. Just start with an image that is twice as wide as it is tall, such as 300 x 150. If you have a square logo, or something that is not rectangular, add some white space around it (in your favorite image editor) to get it to the proper proportions. The logo will appear on reports that are given to families, such as customer statements and end-of-year summaries, as well as on your Procare Home screen. See: Add Your Logo to Statements

Procare Software: Add Logo to Home Screen Example
Procare Software: Statement with Logo Example

Logo on Printed or Emailed Letters

With Procare’s built-in Letter Merge & Word Processor you can insert fields, like parent and child names. You may also position and size your logo any way you like. From the Format menu choose Insert Image

Procare Software: Add Logo to Letterhead Example

Logo for Check-In Screen

You may customize the screen at your check-in computer to display your logo. Although any size image will work, for best results the image should be 554 x 327 or a similar proportion. 

Procare Software: Customize Check-in Screen Example

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