published | 9/21/2010

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If you’re in charge of managing multiple child care, daycare or preschool facilities you may have times when a family moves from one location to another. Perhaps it’s because they actually moved to a different neighborhood or maybe their child has graduated from one program and is moving to another at a different facility.

In this article we’ll show you how Procare Software® can help you manage this situation and still keep relevant data for a child at both the old and new locations without having to re-enter any of the basic information about the people in the family. In a future post we’ll also describe a related situation where a family has children attending multiple locations at the same time.

Editor’s Note: Beginning in version 10.2.4801 use the new Copy Accounts utility.

Add Family at New Location

Log into the new location (the one to which they are moving) and Add a New Account. The account itself will be new (they’ll have an account at the old location as well) but when you add people, such as the parents (known as Payers) and children you’ll choose to add them as “Existing People”. This way you can look them up (since they were already entered under the old location). The people are now linked so if you change a name, address, phone, etc. it changes at both locations. Be sure to add an enrollment date, classroom and authorized pickups for each child at the new location.

Procare Software: Add a New Account Example

Separate Accounting, Billing & Time Cards

The family will have two accounting records, the Ledger Card at the old location showing historic information and the Ledger at the new location starting from scratch. If the family owed money at the time they left the old location you could post a Credit to their old ledger to bring the balance to zero. Then post a Charge on the new ledger to show the balance transferred over. Be sure to set up the Child Billing Box for any recurring fees at the new location. The child will also have separate Time Card records so check in and out data for the old and new locations will not be intermingled.

Procare Software: Separate Accounting, Billing & Time Cards Example

Withdraw Children & Hide Old Account

In the old location you’ll change each child’s status to either Withdrawn or you could Create a New Enrollment Status like Transferred. Presumably the old account is not one you’ll normally need displayed on your list of accounts so you may choose to mark them as a hidden account, perhaps with a comment or alert such as “transferred to other location”. To do so just go to the Account Information screen and click Hide in the upper right. To see them again just set your Account Filter to show all accounts, or just hidden accounts.

Procare Software: Withdraw Children & Hide Old Account Example

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