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published | 11/1/2017

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You probably know that Procare includes hundreds of standard child care forms and reports, including everything from rollcall sheets and class rosters to customer statements and financial reports. But did you know you can hide reports you’re not using and show reports that may have been hidden? You can even change the order of reports to place those you use most often at the top of a section or move an entire section up or down as needed.

Cool feature – When should I use it?
This can be especially useful when there are many reports under a particular section, like Rollcall Sheets, but you only ever use one or two reports under that section. You can either hide those you never use—or keep them visible, but move them down the list. Sometimes reports may have been hidden by someone in the past and you didn’t even realize they were available.

How to get there

  • Log into Procare as a System Supervisor.
  • From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Program Customization and choose Data Viewer Managment (Single School).
  • Then just uncheck a report to hide it or use the up and down arrows to change the order.
Hide, Show and Move Reports in Procare Software

For more information, see: Report Management.

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