Procare Touch  Makes Check-in and Check-out a Breeze

published | 4/1/2017

Procare Software Billing Employees and Staffing Tracking Security

Ready to save a lot of time? Maybe even hours every week? Procare Touch is a hardware accessory that does something amazing: it lets parents use their fingerprint for check-in/out. That’s all it takes – parents just press their finger and choose their children to securely log in or out.

All of which means you don’t have to write down names, check them off, or enter them manually into a computer. And because Procare Touch integrates seamlessly with the Attendance Tracker module, hours for billing are calculated automatically and information about who’s in attendance at your facility is always available – or should we say, at your fingertips.

Learn more about the Procare Touch.

Check-in and Check-out Kids and Staff with the Procare Touch

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