published | 4/18/2012

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Are you looking to improve your knowledge of Procare Software®? Perhaps you’re just getting started or know how to do a few things, but want to learn more. You might be a new staff member who needs to get up to speed or perhaps you’re the person in charge of training new hires at your child care, daycare or preschool. You might even be completing your degree in early childhood education and want to bolster your resume. Or, you may be a consultant who helps people nurture and grow their child care business.

For all of you, we’re very pleased to announce the official launch of Procare University, also known as Procare U. Now there are lessons available to cover the basics of using the Family Data and Family Accounting modules.

Procare Software University

3 Part Approach to Learning

Procare U is different from and enhances other ways to learn Procare, such as Free WebinarsArticles and Custom Training. Each online class at Procare U takes a three part approach to learning.

1: Show Me

Each lesson begins with a short video showing how to do certain tasks, along with explaining the way this fits into the larger picture.

2: Let Me

Then it’s your turn to try. In part two, you get a chance to show that you know what to do and where to click. Don’t worry; there are hints along the way. The idea is to practice what you’ve learned, to help you better remember in the future.

3: Test Me

Once you’ve seen how to do it and tried it for yourself, you’re ready to test your knowledge. Each lesson includes a short, five question quiz, to demonstrate that you have mastered the objectives for the lesson. Of course you can skip ahead to the quiz, bypassing the “Show Me” and “Let Me” sections, if you feel you already know the subject matter.

Certificate of Completion

At the moment, lesson results are not being tracked, but within a couple of months we’ll have a method to report the completion of each lesson. When you’ve completed all the lessons we’ll send you a certificate stating that you successfully completed Procare U. There may even be separate certificates for specific groups of lessons. Stay tuned.

Visit Procare University

Go ahead and get started today. Visit Procare U and let the learning begin!

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