published | 6/25/2013

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When you’re baking cookies, a single utensil just won’t do. You’ll need mixing bowls, a non-stick baking mat, a rolling pin, baking pan and maybe a few cute cookie cutters too.

You’ll use your favorite recipe and carefully mix the ingredients, then roll out the dough. Each step of the way you’ll use the right tool to help you along.

Like baking, you need the right tools to manage your child-centered business. And, if you offer day camps, after-school programs or children’s activities, you’ll love the latest tool from Procare Software, the leader in child care management solutions.

Procare’s all-new Activity Manager, works with the popular Family Data Software to let you quickly create classes, camps or programs and efficiently assign them to children. From there you may print activity schedules, sign-up sheets and more. You may even require prerequisites for classes like swimming, soccer, karate or dance and keep track of who has completed each activity session. But, that’s not all.

Just like a full service kitchen has everything you need to master cookie making, the Activity Manager gets even better when you combine it with Procare Family Accounting to instantly charge the right activity fee for each child. And, while we’re waiting for the oven timer to ding, there’s just one more thing.

For your child activity programs to thrive, you’ve got to collect the tuition and activity fees you charge. When parents “forget to bring their checkbook”, you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth and the hassle of chasing after the money. So, for a truly full service solution, use Tuition Express as your payment processing service. Since you’ll be paid on time, every time, there will be plenty of time left for baking cookies.

You may also be interested in a previous article on how to Manage Activities, Day Camps and After-School Programs and the Activity Manager Video on YouTube.

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