published | 5/18/2009

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If you work in early childhood education running a childcare center, daycare or preschool you’re certain to be familiar with weekly and monthly tuition fees charged to families and subsidizing agencies. In fact you may even use Procare Software to help with daily child care management tasks, especially when it comes to charging recurring child care fees.

With Procare, Child Care Billing may be automated by setting up regular billing cycles like “Weekly” and “Monthly” to easily process tuition charges for all families at once. This is a great time saver, but of course sometimes fees change based on the calendar. You may charge one amount during the school year and another for summer. Or, the rates may change when a child reaches a certain age and moves to a new classroom. Wouldn’t it be great if that weekly amount could be tied to particular dates on the calendar – allowing the amount to change automatically based on the dates entered?

The Present – Bill based on Cycle

Currently in Procare Family Accounting you may set up as many as 200 recurring billing cycles such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, summer program and so forth. You can assign different cycles to the same family and charge different rates for each cycle. The “cycles” don’t kick in at any specified date – you simply select the cycle you want to process and click Start to charge all families at once.

The Future – Bill based on Date and Cycle

But lately, the Procare team has been thinking – couldn’t it be even better? Why not keep the current functionality but add to it in a next generation of child care management software. What if you could charge some fees all the time, but link others to specific scheduled dates. For example you may always charge a monthly supply fee, but tuition could change when the child moves to a new classroom or perhaps during a season like summertime. If you scheduled a child to move to a new class wouldn’t it make sense to schedule their amount to change at the same time? And the answer we came up with was, well… YES!

So that’s what we’re up to at Procare – putting our collective experience, and great suggestions from people like you, together to enhance child care billing by giving you more flexibility in how to charge for child care services.

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