School-Age Schedules and School Out Days

published | 11/14/2012

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If your child care business offers after school programs or before and after school care, you’re well aware of the complexities of scheduling school-age children. Some days they may be scheduled for before school only, while other days it may be after school only and still others, both days.

School out and in-service days also affect scheduling at your center, since school-age children could be scheduled all day when school is out. Of course, some school-agers might stay home on those days and would not be scheduled at all. There are certainly many combinations.

What’s a busy program director to do? Well, one method is to use Child Care Management Software to help you manage the complexities of scheduling, especially for the older children in your care.

In today’s article, we’ll cover the basics of setting up typical schedules and how to make changes to all schedules at once or on a child-by-child basis.

Schedule Templates

Those of you already using Procare Software may be familiar with using templates (typical schedules) when many children have the same or similar schedules. Even for children with unique schedules, using a template as a starting point will save you time.

See: Adding Schedules to Children and Managing Schedule Templates

If a child varied from your standard template, say they came four days instead of five, you’d simply assign them the five day template and remove the day they were not scheduled.

Procare Software: Schedule Before and After School Days Example

Schedule Overrides

Overrides are used for one time exceptions to a child’s typical schedule. They can be made individually when one child has a different schedule for a given day, but are especially useful for school-age children. For upcoming school out and in-service days you can record an override for all (or most) school-age kids at once. The idea is the override replaces their typical before/after school schedule for the day, with a full time day, since they will likely be attending the entire day.

See: Schedule Overrides for Many Children at Once

Procare Software: Batch Schedule Overrides Example

Child Schedules & Planned Absences

Absences are recorded on a child-by-child basis and are perfect for days when a child will be gone all day or a portion of the day. This can be useful for a doctor or dentist appointment (gone for an hour or two) and also on school out days for children who may be staying home with a parent or guardian.

Note: The time of an absence is removed from a child’s schedule, but the rest of the day remains intact. If they were scheduled all day and absent for two hours, the rest of their schedule would be unchanged.

See: Child Schedule Exceptions & Absences

Procare Software: Schedule Absences Example

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