After School Isn't an Afterthought with Procare Software

published | 9/1/2017

After School Scheduling Software

With the MyProcare® Parent Scheduling feature, parents can access and modify their child’s after-school activities – which means you won’t have to! Parents simply log into their account, review the after-school activities, and make selections. You and your staff will get an email alert of any changes right away.

MyProcare® Parent Scheduling Features:

  • Create after-school schedules and templates for your families to access
  • Accuracy: parents make selections so there’s no room for error on your part
  • Receive email alerts when families submit schedule changes
  • Families can view and update schedules anytime
  • Integrates with Procare Software’s Attendance Tracker to calculate extra hours

MyProcare® is a FREE service, as part of Procare Cloud®.

After-school scheduling has never been easier! Learn more.

MyProcare Parent Scheduler

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I always work with Michele for any question about the software. She guides me through all the steps and she takes her time to explain every detail.

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