Summer Vacations and Childcare Management with Procare Software

published | 6/4/2012

Daycare Employees and Staffing Scheduling

Ah, summer vacations. Everyone has their favorite type of getaway. My family tends to like camping, especially near the beach. And although we’ve never come face to face with a bear, we certainly have had our share of run-ins with raccoons, squirrels and an assortment of feathered friends.

Many of the campgrounds at which we like to stay require reservations months in advance. Hopefully, the families and staff at your childcare center, daycare or preschool are letting you know their vacation plans ahead of time too. That’s good information, so you can plan ahead, but what do you do with it? How do you keep track of planned vacations for family and staff, as well as issue vacation credits to your families?

While researching topics for today’s post, I discovered we have covered vacation related items in the past. But, since they have tended to be written as separate, individual posts, there was not an easy way to find all the information in one place. For your convenience, I’ve assembled a short description of each vacation topic with a link to a more detailed article. 

Vacation Days, Vacation Credits & Billing Reminders

You’ll likely want to track the number of vacation hours each family takes, especially if you have a policy of giving one week of vacation credit to your full-time families. Along with that, you’ll want to post the credit at the right time (when the vacation week arrives), but you may need a reminder so you don’t overlook that task. See: Vacation Hours, Vacation Credits and Billing Reminders

Hint: As an alternative to charging the standard rate and issuing a vacation credit, you could temporarily change their Enrollment Status to “Vacation”. The child would be skipped during Automated Billing and left off roll call sheets. You may set the date their vacation begins and date they will be enrolled again, at the same time.

Procare Software: Enrollment Status Example

Earning Vacation Hours for Daycare Staff

When it comes to your teachers, classroom aides and other daycare staff, you will need a way to calculate and record the number of vacation hours each person has earned. It might be as simple as giving them a week of vacation on the anniversary of their hire date or it might be accrued a little at a time, based on the hours worked each pay period, month or quarter. You’ll also want to know how many hours each person has remaining. See: Earning Vacation Hours at Your Daycare

Scheduling Vacation Hours

As the staff at your center comes to you with time off requests for their vacations, you’ll want a way to record these “planned” vacation hours. See: Schedule Vacation Hours for Daycare Staff

Tracking Used and Available Vacation Hours

Of course once a vacation has taken place, you will want to record that the hours have been used and, assuming it was a paid vacation, should be included on their next payroll check. You may also want to know the amount of vacation time they still have available. See: Solve the Vacation Hours Puzzle

Paid Holidays

There’s a good chance the staff at your daycare or preschool will have a paid holiday or two coming up during the summer, such as the 4th of July or Labor Day. For those times, you’ll also want to learn how to record hours for paid holidays. See: Paid Holiday Hours

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