Stay Secure with Procare Touch ID

Stay Secure with Touch ID

published | 11/1/2018

Procare Software Safety Security

Fingerprint ID makes for easy child care check-in. There’s no need to remember a PIN or recall a username and password--one touch to the fingerprint scanner and a parent is able to check their kids ...

What is Family Daycare and is it Right For You?

What Is Family Daycare & Is It Right for You?

published | 4/24/2018

Daycare Business Planning Safety Employees and Staffing

Starting a family daycare is no small task. You are asking a lot of yourself and anybody who lives in your home. Sorting out the financial, logistical, and educational aspects of running your family ...

Stay Current with Training and Safety Certifications Using Child Care Management Solutions

Stay Current with Training and Safety Certifications Using Child Care Management Solutions

published | 12/21/2017

Child care Security Employees and Staffing Health Safety Tracking

The most important aspect of a child care center is that it be able to foster health and development in a safe environment. That is why before becoming a child care provider, or opening their own ...

Outdoor Play is Still Okay

Outdoor Play is Still Ok

published | 12/1/2017

Early Child Care Development Activities Health Safety

The tree branches are bare, the temperatures have dropped, and the first snow has fallen: By the end of the month, winter will officially be here. With the weather less than favorable, more likely ...

The Importance of Sensing Danger

The Importance of Sensing Danger

published | 10/1/2017

Child care Safety Health Security

You can only respond to an emergency if you know that it exists. However, when it comes down to it, there are many roadblocks that can prevent people from sensing danger as quickly as might be ...

Summer Safety Tips - Procare Software

Summer Safety Tips

published | 7/1/2017

Child care Safety Health

It’s hot, the days are long, and summer is in full swing! There’s nothing quite like spending time outside on a nice day watching the kids having fun for hours. But don’t forget to be prepared for ...

Increase Center Security with Procare Software

Increase Your Center Security with the Procare Keyless Entry System

published | 7/1/2017

Procare Software Safety Security Software

Designed specifically for child care centers like yours, Procare Software’s Keyless Entry System is an excellent option to bring increased security to your business. Set and restrict access codes ...

Center Security with Procare Software

Insights from the Experts: Procare Safety and Security Solutions

published | 6/3/2017

Child care Safety Security

Secure Education Consultants (SEC) is a unique safety and security consulting firm. Our uniqueness lies in two facts; not only is our staff made up completely of former US Secret Service Agents, ...


Stormy Weather? Keep Your Child Care Data Safe

published | 4/15/2014

Procare Software Software Safety

Here we are in the midst of April and the weather forecast isn’t looking much like spring. Our Procare campus is located in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Oregon region, nestled in the Rogue ...


A Car Seat for Your Daycare Data

published | 8/1/2011

Daycare Safety

Of course you know the motto “Safety First”. On field trips I’m certain every one of the toddlers and preschoolers in your care (and perhaps a teddy bear too) is lovingly helped into their car seats ...

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Rock Spring, GA

Being new to the child care industry I took the advice of my director who had used Procare before and purchased the system. I am so glad I did! I have not been disappointed with anything Procare and I have every extra available. Thank you Procare for making my life much easier!

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