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published | 8/29/2011

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With school starting up again your child care business may be busier than ever with children enrolling for before and after school programs, not to mention preschool, pre-k and kindergarten. With that in mind Procare Software® has a number of Child Care Management Tools to make the transition as efficient as possible. You might think of it as your tool belt for the back-to-school season.

Change Classrooms

Many children may be changing classrooms to start the school year. This could take a while if you had to go child by child to make the change, however, you can quickly adjust classrooms for everyone by moving an entire group of kids from one class to another or making individual changes as needed using the Classroom Graduation tool.

Change Enrollment

For those children who were away for the summer and are returning for fall you’ll want to change their enrollment status from something like “Summer Break” to “Enrolled”. Showing them as “Enrolled” is very important since typically you’ll only want enrolled children on reports like roll call sheets and a child must be enrolled in order to be charged tuition fees when you do automated billing. Use the Batch Enrollment Status tool to quickly change the enrollment of many children at once.

Change Schedules

Although you may change an individual child’s schedule at any time you may want to change many schedules at once for a particular day such as a school in-service day when many children would have an exception to their normal schedule. Of course Procare has another tool for that called Batch Schedule Overrides.

Waiting Lists

You may have a number of children on your waiting list. You can manage waiting lists a couple of ways. One is by assigning children an enrollment status like “Wait List” and using Enrollment Reports. Another is to let parents pre-register online using the Online Wait List, affectionately known as OWL. You may also be interested in OWL article.

Annual Registration Fee

If you charge an annual fee for registration – based on the month a child originally enrolled – you’ll want to see this article on Annual Registration Fees.

Annual Tuition

Some centers charge an annual tuition fee and would like a way to set up a family on an annual contract, but allow them to pay it gradually over the year, one month at a time. If that sounds like your center you’ll want to see the article on Annual Tuition Charged Monthly.

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