Track CE Credits and CDA Certifications with Procare Software

published | 8/1/2017

Procare Software Employees and Staffing Tracking

Summer is a great time to review your staff’s continuing education (CE) credits and Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials. Lucky for you, Procare makes this easy: You can use the Employee Data module to track both hours and certification dates.

CE Credits / Training Hours

You can record CE training hours using the Batch Post Employee Time Card feature. Use it to enter training hours for individual staff members or a group of people who may have taken the same training.

Batch Employee Time Card - Procare Software

The training hours will then appear on the “Used” tab of each person’s Employee Benefits screen.

Employee Benefits - Procare Software

Hint: If the training time is unpaid, set the Benefit Code percentage to 0% in configuration. From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System > Accounting Management > Employee Data > Benefit Codes.

Benefit Codes - Procare Software

CDA Certification Dates

You can also keep track of when staff became CDA-certified and their ongoing renewal dates. Use the Employee Immunizations & Requirements feature to set up CDA with the standard 3-year renewal. Set the first event to be due upon employment (0 days after hire date) with all remaining events due every 36 months.

Employee Immunization Requirements - Procare Software

On the employee’s individual Immunization & Requirements screen, enter the date they originally became certified on the first line, then any additional dates they were recertified. If the last line is pink, it means their next recertification is due soon; red means it is overdue.

Employee Immunization Records - Procare Software

Hint: Use this same method to track CPR certifications too!

We hope these tips will help you with timely and accurate tracking of continuing education credits and CDA certification. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Interested in adding the Employee Data module? Call today at 800-338-3884.

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