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published | 3/19/2013

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Close your eyes and make a wish for summertime. Green grass between your toes, warm sunshine on your shoulders, and long days where children’s playtime stretches to the evening hours are a few things you might imagine.

Even though summer is officially three months away, you may already be accepting sign-ups for summer programs and day camps at your child care, daycare or preschool.

If you’re already using Procare Software, you probably know there are many ways your child care management system can help you track summer camp enrollment. We even offer a live webinar on how to Set Up Summer Camps with Procare.

Who’s in each camp program?

One thing you’ll want to know is how to track which children are signed up for each camp program or week of camp, etc. To do so you can create tracking items for each session and assign them to the appropriate children. That way you can run roster reports and get counts of how many children are signed up. You may even set a limit for each camp session. See: Efficiently Managing Summer Camps

Deposits for summer

Of course, you may accept pre-paid deposits for summer programs and need a way to record the money as it comes in. To do so you’ll use the Deposit / Deposit Refund feature of Procare. See: Prepaid Deposits for Summer Child Care

Summer schedules and vacations

You may want to customize child schedules for the summer or add exceptions for periods they are away on vacation. Another option may be to temporarily un-enroll them, by setting their enrollment status to something like “Summer Break”, if they will be gone for an extended period. See: Summer Scheduling

Fees for summer programs

There are several ways fees may be charged for summer camps and programs. One method is a fixed weekly rate during any period of time the child is “enrolled”. Another is to charge for specific weeks or programs using Selected Account Billing (described in the article Efficiently Managing Summer Camps). A third method, if the fees vary per child/family, would be to use Quick Ledger Posting to move through many families one by one.

Coming Soon – Activity Manager

In the Free Webinar on Setting up Summer Camps, we’ll also introduce you to the soon-to-be-released Procare Activity Manager. With Activity Manager you’ll be able to set up an unlimited number of activities with prerequisites, days/times, locations and instructors. You can also assign fees to be recorded when a child is assigned to an activity.

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Summer is here—there’s no better time to get Procare

Summer is here—there’s no better time!

Procare Software® helps child care professionals across the country save 40+ hours per month of administrative duties they were doing manually. With quicker access to information, point-and-click reporting and built-in processing.

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