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published | 6/10/2015

Child care Tracking Employees and Staffing

The sun is shining and warm weather is here. That means summer fun and family vacations for children enrolled at your preschool or early learning center. In fact, you might even squeeze in some well-deserved vacation time for yourself and other members of your staff.

To make tracking vacation for children and staff easier, Procare Software offers a number of built-in tools. You may want to record vacation days for children and issue vacation credits for times they are away. On the employee side, you’ll want to schedule planned vacation ahead of time and track the number of hours earned and used.

We’ve covered many of these topics in previous articles—today we’ll give you a quick summary with links and video clips to get you started.

To Make Tracking Vacation for Children and Staff Easier, Procare Software Offers a Number of Built-in Tools.

Child Vacations

You may have a policy at your center that a family can take a certain number of vacation days without being charged. To keep track, you’ll record child vacation hours as planned absences. This will affect their schedule for the week they are away, keeping them off roll call sheets, etc. You may also want to set up a reminder to give them a vacation credit.

Employee Vacations

For your staff (and yourself) you’ll want to earn vacation hours, then schedule planned vacation days, and finally record the vacation hours used—that way each person will know how much vacation they started with and how much they have left. There are also paid holidays, like the 4th of July and Labor Day, which you’ll want to record too.

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