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published | 3/2/2016

Procare Software Software Tracking

If you offer day camps for school-age children during spring break, you’ll need an easy way to track who has signed up for which session. You may also need to track absences or vacation time for children who are away with their families.

A great way to manage day camps and vacation time is to use a full-featured child care management system like Procare Software®.

Tracking Day Camp Sessions

You might offer a single day camp or a variety of camps throughout the week, perhaps with different sessions (like morning and afternoon). Parents may also be allowed to choose certain days, rather than the full week. The good news is Procare’s Family Data module can accommodate any combination of factors; you can even set limits for the number of children assigned to each session.

It’s easy to create whatever tracking you need for day camps and assign them to the children. In the image below, Wendy is coming Monday and Wednesday morning, plus all day on Friday.

Procare Software: Tracking Day Camp Sessions Example

Scheduling Camp Days & Child Vacations

Another option, if you want detail with the exact times each child will be at day camp, is to use Child Schedules. You can override their typical schedule; for example, they may be coming all day instead of just after school.

Procare Software: Scheduling Camp Days Example

Or you may indicate an absent reason, like vacation, for children who would normally attend, but will be away for spring break.

Procare Software: Absences Example

Roll Call and Sign-In Sheets

Whichever approach you take (using tracking items or schedules), you can print roll call or sign-in sheets showing the children who will be at day camp on a given day. Or you could opt to let parents check children in electronically using the Attendance Tracker module on a Procare Touch Computer.

Procare Software: Roll Call and Sign In Sheet Example

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