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Procare offers powerful child care management software solutions for shared service organizations and networks looking to increase the quality of child care and early childhood education in their local and regional communities.

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Raising the Standards for Child Care

For Shared Service Organizations and Networks looking to partner with child care providers in regional areas, it’s important to know how Procare offers the best possible solution to enable early learning and child care centers to be successful.

This means having an easy solution for attendance tracking, meal and lesson planning, intuitive reporting that complies with state standards for all 50 states, and many more features to streamline the administrative tasks of a center so they can focus on their mission to provide quality child care for their community.

Procare works closely with Shared Services Organizations and Networks to provide a robust child care management software solution that has powerful tools and reporting to provide transparency and trust between you and your network partners. Procare also provides shared service organizations with visibility into business performance and improvement for each center, along with the ability to calculate earnings and track the success of projects.

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Iron Triangle Reporting

For many child care providers, the cost of running a business and understanding how to budget accordingly can be discouraging. Luckily, there’s a simple blueprint for child care providers to keep in mind when structuring a budget for the new year.
The Iron Triangle is a financial model made up of three key factors.

Full enrollment and clear attendance

For child care, most of the revenue comes from tuition, so an accurate enrollment estimate is imperative for budgeting. Projected tuition can be estimated by enrollment, but tuition is governed by attendance reporting. Procare makes it easy for centers to track their growth in enrollment and attendance and provide insights into enrollment opportunities and staffing needs as they grow. 

Revenues cover per-child cost  

Beyond full enrollment, a center must make sure revenue covers the per-child cost of quality care. For many families, high quality childcare is more than they can afford. The biggest price drivers for high-quality care are child-to-staff ratios, staff salaries and benefits. Other costs include rent, furnishings, food and educational materials. Procare cuts down on the time needed to manage child care facilities, while also reporting on payroll and expenses to help administrators stay on top of their finances. 

Full fee collection or arrears mitigation 

As a result of the high price of quality care and working to maintain full enrollment, most centers operate with razor-thin margins. This makes full fee collection imperative — late or missed payments can create instability for a center. With recurring payment options and the ability to process payments by debit or credit card, or with ACH, centers can control their payment schedule to make sure they’re paid on time, every time.

Why Procare

All-In-One Solution

We know centers are looking for an all-in-one solution that can meet their needs and grow with their business. With over 30 years of experience providing child care providers an all-in-one child care management solution, Procare has built strategic partnerships with industry leaders and businesses that share the same mission to help them reach their goals.

Centralized Management Solution

With Procare, shared service organizations can maintain trust and accountability through roll up reports and access to data they need to measure their goals and growth.

Increased Sustainability

With easy software that saves time and money, centers can see better business performance and increased staff retention and professional development.  


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