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Procare Solutions is the No. 1 name in child care management software—used by more than 30,000 child care business across the country. Our mission is to ease all the other burdens you face—the demands of running a business, coordinating staff, communicating with parents, and maintaining flawless security and compliance.

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Start and Manage Child Care Centers with Ease

For over 30 years, child care professionals big and small have looked to Procare to provide comprehensive child care management solutions that take their businesses to the next level. 

How We Automate Child Care Payments

Issues with Manual Payment Systems

Collecting Tuition: Collecting tuition on time is critical to the success of your child care business, and if you’re doing it manually, that means hours spent not only chasing down child care payments, but also reconciling them with your records. 

Managing Payroll: Keeping track of payroll has always been a significant pain point for center owners. Collecting time cards, managing paperwork and cutting checks – all while making sure there’s no human error – is a tedious, time-consuming project.

Tracking Check-Ins/Outs: Closely monitoring check-ins/outs, late fees and other additional charges – and ensuring they’re accurate so you can collect your child care payments in a timely manner – is a struggle for any organization.

Our Child Care Payment Software & Solutions

Automate Child Care Payments: Procare not only automates your child care payments – safely and securely – but also provides parents with frequent reminders and allows for flexibility with the payment methods you’re able to accept. Electronic payments mean you’ll receive your funds faster. 

Simplify Payroll: Procare’s payroll and time clock software accurately tracks staff’s entry and exit times, automatically calculates all checks at once, leverages direct deposit functions and runs accurate summary reports. 

Streamline Tracking: Eliminate the hours of work that comes with reconciling sign-in/out sheets through Procare’s integrated tracking software, which automatically updates families’ balances to ensure accurate billing. 

Secure & Effortless Child Care Payment Systems

Procare is the No. 1 name in child care management software – used by more than 30,000 child care businesses across the country.

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End-to-End Capabilities

Procare provides comprehensive child care software with the power to help you manage every aspect of your center, enrich classroom and parent interactions, and automate the child care payment process.

Equipped for Any Center

Our long legacy in child care has helped us make complex processes like billing simple while making life easier for administrators, teachers and parents.

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