The Faces of Procare

Experience, Expertise & Dedication

Experience, expertise and dedication are just a few of the hallmarks of our work force. Our company is comprised of hardworking, customer-centric people with years of knowledge and good old fashioned “know-how.” We offer the best products available and support them beyond your expectations.

People just like you have long been the mainstay of our superior customer service. Find our staff below and become familiar with the Faces of Procare.

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Sales & Product Information

Product Consultation
Our knowledgeable consulting staff will work with you to help decide which areas of your business would benefit most from an automated child care management system. They will explain the options available and help put together a package that is just right for your center. As your requirements change in the future, our consultants will work with you to expand the system to meet your changing needs. Order your Free Procare Demo and find out what Procare Users have to say.

Shawna L. DeVore
Software Consultant

Ryan M. Gwaltney
Director of Sales

Karen L. Kahusi
Software Consultant

Paula B. Stone
Software Consultant

Kassie L. Leach
Software Consultant

Heykel Aouriri
Software Consultant
Alexa Anthony
Software Consultant


Shelley A. Moore
Enterprise Success Manager

Customer Support

John Fargason
Customer Support Sr. Manager

Phil Eschtruth Harrison
Communications Director

Chasity Dorsey
Client Services Associate

Chanel Reid
Client Services Associate
Leesa Liskey
Client Services Associate
Steve Suarez
Senior Training Specialist
Zachary Keith
Client Services Associate

Tuition Express®

Scott A. Schneider
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager

Shane McKinnen
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager
Lance Robertson
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager
Jason Tarrant
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager
Tam Vu
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager
Brittany Larson
Tuition Express Customer Support Manager
Mary Croy
Tuition Express Administration
Michelle Garcia
Tuition Express Administration
Kelli Raub
Financial Analyst
Jill Wachsmuth
Payment Operations Support

Technical Support

Support Hours: Mon-Fri 6am – 4pm PST | 800-964-1729

Answers to Specific Questions
Toll-free Technical Support is available to answer specific trouble shooting, installation and product-related questions for all current versions of Procare. Procare makes a distinction between technical support and training. See the Procare Support Policy for details.

Learn Procare
Your success is important to us, therefore we offer both Free Learning Tools and Custom Training to help you get the most from your Childcare Management Software. Technical support is handled through our call center based in Oregon. Calls are answered live by our technicians during our support hours noted above. Response time for questions submitted online will vary depending on when your question is received. Questions received during our standard support hours will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Danny Pomeroy
Technical Support Manager

Mark Boicey
Technical Support Specialist
Scott Bailey
Technical Support Specialist

Michael Meyer
Technical Support Specialist

Mark Ebersold
Technical Support Specialist
Jimmy Lyons
Technical Support Specialist
Josh T. Russel
Technical Support Specialist
Steven Lane
Technical Support Specialist
Randal McDowell
Technical Support Specialist

Leland Sanders
Technical Support Specialist

John Michaels
Technical Support Specialist
Justin Cook
Technical Support Specialist
Jeffrey Sherman
Technical Support Specialist
Josh Yoder
Technical Support Specialist
Duane Ray
Technical Support Specialist
Ian DeMers
Technical Support Specialist
Elliott Tarrant
Technical Support Specialist

Engineering & Product Development

Experience, Stability, Reliability
The Procare software engineering and development team is experienced at creating software for child care management. Learn more About Procare and Procare Management Software.

Darren Gapp
Chief System/Software Engineer

Fred Thieme
Sr. Software Developer
Tom Wingert
Software Test Engineer
Linda Renard
Software Development Manager

David Slayton
Software QA Analyst
Will Adams
Software Engineer
Michael Vaughn
Sr. Software Engineer
Bruce Sargent
Sr. Software Engineer/Data Architect
Joshua Belden
Software Developer
Kathy Caulfield
Product Manager

Fred Gratsinger
Software QA Analyst

Technology Operations

Kevin Malone
Technology Operations Manager

Erich M. Norum
Systems Administrator
Raymond Wagner
Build/Release Engineer


Konnie Smith
Accounting Manager
Darla Waldron
Administrative Services Manager
Valerie Sanders
Administrative Services Associate
Ashlee Espindola
Shipping Coordinator
Alyssa Daw
Accounting Assistant


JoAnn Kintzel
Marc Arseneau
Chief Financial Officer
Michelle Burrows
Chief Marketing Officer
Jon Pollock
Chief Product Officer
Tammie Hogan
Chief Customer Officer
Klavs Miller
Senior Vice President Engineering
Cathy Fultineer
Senior Vice President Marketing

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Longview, TX

It is easy to use and has everything in one place - student and employee information.

Procare Software User Support

User Support - Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier

Our U.S.-based support team is dedicated to providing solutions, training and tools with the option of remote support technology to diagnose and repair your issues.

We also have an entire support website dedicated to helping you succeed with videos, articles, tips, live webinars and more.