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We are proud of our 25+ years of experience and expertise in the child care industry. This tenure has helped us become the industry leader and the trusted provider for more than 30,000 child care centers. We are dedicated to making sure every experience you have with us is personalized and helps further drive the success of your business. 


JoAnn Kintzel
Marc Arseneau
Chief Financial Officer
Michelle Burrows
Chief Marketing Officer
Jon Pollock
Chief Product Officer
Tammie Hogan
Chief Customer Officer
Klavs Miller
Chief Technology Officer

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Atlanta, GA

It is very helpful with the billing, attendance and immunization. The parents also love the ease of the use of the program.

Procare Software User Support

User Support - Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier

Our U.S.-based support team is dedicated to providing solutions, training and tools with the option of remote support technology to diagnose and repair your issues.

We also have an entire support website dedicated to helping you succeed with videos, articles, tips, live webinars and more.