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Place a “Powered by Procare” sticker in your Center or School window and we’ll give you a one-time $25 or 10% off your monthly fee.

 Snap a Pic of the sticker in your window and email it to webteam@procaresoftware.com

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Powered by Procare Sticker Powered by Procare Sticker Instructions

Add the Procare Software Logo to Your Website

Use the HTML code below to add our "Powered by Procare" graphic to your website. Simply copy and paste into your site OR if you have a website manager/developer, send them this page and they will quickly be able to grab the code.

Insert the Powered by Procare web graphic* code snippet.

<a href="https://www.procaresoftware.com?utm_source=Link&utm_medium=Web&utm_campaign=PoweredBy" title="Powered by Procare"> 
  <img src="https://d2fk804274gum0.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/12150932/powered-by-procare-210x50.png" alt="Powered by Procare" /> 
<a href="https://procaresoftware.com?utm_source=Link&utm_medium=Web&utm_campaign=PoweredBy" title="Powered by Procare"> 
  <img src="https://d2fk804274gum0.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/12151055/powered-by-procare-210x50-dark.png" alt="Powered by Procare" /> 
*Powered by Procare graphics may not be manipulated in any manner other than resampling for "sizing" the image to best fit the web site design.

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Cambridge, WI

I am so grateful for the timing, patience & expertise that Mark shared as he helped me fix my problem.

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User Support - Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier

Our U.S.-based support team is dedicated to providing solutions, training and tools with the option of remote support technology to diagnose and repair your issues.

We also have an entire support website dedicated to helping you succeed with videos, articles, tips, live webinars and more.