Enrichment Programs

The Easiest Way to Manage Child Enrichment Centers & Programs

All of our clients share the same universal mission: enriching children’s lives. For over 30 years, child care and enrichment program professionals have looked to Procare Solutions to provide real-time information for making critical decisions, maintaining compliance with local and state regulations, and adhering to business best practices.

How We Equip Your Program or Center

Enrichment Program Solutions

  • Accurately and easily track attendance and children’s activities
  • Keep families up to date by systematizing communications like their children’s schedules, key events, and important forms
  • Automatically bill the families you serve to ensure on-time child care payments

Procare has the solution for you.

With Procare, you’ll get help finding the right solutions for your child care business from the most experienced team of software consultants in the industry. 

Community Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs are a fun and interactive way to supplement children’s learning through academic, arts and physical/sports activities.

Outlets for Creativity & Development

Enrichment programs can help kids tap into their creative side, giving them the freedom to explore their interests and focus on the areas they enjoy the most. 


Boosted Academic Performance

Whether a student is struggling in a subject or needs additional challenges, enrichment programs are helpful in narrowing in on students’ academic needs to spur stronger academic growth. 

Curb Behavioral & Emotional Struggles

Interacting with other children and teachers on a more targeted basis can help build students’ confidence and give them space to better manage their behaviors and emotions. 


Equip Your Enrichment Program Today

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