Child Care Online Registration

Take Your Child Care Registration Online

Modernize child care registration to satisfy parents’ expectations and streamline your internal processes.

Parent registering online with family in the background.

Procare’s online registration tools take the hassle and complexity out of enrolling children at your center or program.

Customize forms to meet your center’s needs

Procare’s online registration solution lets you configure your registration form using custom fields, ensuring you’re able to capture all the data your center needs. You can have parents sign any required waivers and accept registration fees via credit card.

Streamline future registrations

With Procare, you automatically save all data entered by parents to their account and can make it accessible via a dedicated portal and mobile app. When families re-register in the future, it’s easy since their basic information can pre-populate the new form.

Manage leads and capacity

Procare helps you track leads through your enrollment pipeline and manage capacity with ease. Our solution allows you to waitlist families and then approve or decline their enrollment. Once a family is approved, our software can automatically send a customized email to indicate they have been enrolled in your center or program. .

Make enrollment easy

Our online registration tool asks families to enter their information just once. It then automatically maps the data to all necessary forms and systems, including registration, waivers, billing and more.

Support a wide range of payment options

Procare’s online registration solution supports popular digital payment options, including ACH, debit and credit. We also offer an integrated payment processing platform designed specifically for child care businesses and provides next business day funding.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Procare is by far one of the most user friendly, high quality, and best supported software programs we use!” – Lea, HR Director

“Just about everything can be customized or added to fit our needs.” – Chandra, Director

“Overall this software has changed our entire dynamic of the business. Our enrollment has increased 25% and counting with less than 6 months of signing up.” – Trevor, Business Manager

Procare’s Online Registration Solution

Registration Set-up

Set up your center’s online registration form quickly and easily using Procare’s simplified form creation tool.

Easy-to-Navigate Form for Parents

Allow parents to fill out the registration form at their convenience. Once complete, the form automatically populates your enrollment workflow.

Online Payments

Enable your online registration form to take payments, ensuring you can collect any fees or tuition up front.

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