Solutions from leading companies to get the most out of Procare.

All of our clients share the same universal mission: enriching children’s lives. Our mission is to ease all the other burdens you face – the demands of running a business, coordinating staff, communicating with parents, and maintaining flawless security and compliance. That’s why we partner  with some of the most popular products and services that you use at your center.

Procare Select Marketplace


ChildCareCRM is a web-based solution that helps centers small and large manage their lead marketing and grow enrollment. Effectively capture new lead data, generate tours, schedule phone calls, and automatically schedule follow-ups and email reminders. Use the configurable reporting to analyze your lead information and revenue potential.

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ABCmouse includes over 8,500 digital lessons, games and books. ABCmouse through Kid Orange Tech offers subscriptions to your school at a wholesale rate. When parents activate their account and subscribe, your school earns extra revenue!

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Listen360 is a comprehensive customer feedback solution. Real-time responses and aggregate data will provide you with the insights you need to make smarter business decisions and create real, lasting relationships with your customers. You’ll be able to see what’s working, what could improve and exactly how your customers feel about your business.

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Minute Menu

The Minute Menu utility is a free downloadable Procare Extra designed to reconcile child and guardian ID numbers from Minute Menu CX to Procare, and to transfer new enrollees from Procare to Minute Menu.

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Procare Select offers a downloadable add-on that allows you to export your family accounting, agency accounting and payroll transactions to a file that can then be imported into QuickBooks as a journal entry.

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Let an expert help you find the right Procare integrations for your child care business.

Procare Connect Marketplace


Integrate Procare Connect Staff Time Clock hours with Gusto and run payroll easily. Once integrated, Procare Connect automatically syncs clock in-out hours to Gusto.

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QuickBooks Online

Integrate and connect QuickBooks Online accounting software with Procare Connect. Automatically sync all transaction records to your QuickBooks account and continue  running billing in Procare Connect.

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