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Administrative Task Manual Time
Manual Cost
Procare Time
Procare Cost
Family Data
Record parent registration information To update parent info at time of enrollment (about 15 min) or to update current account information (less than 10 min). Based on 10 enrollments per mo.
Create & print out updated rollcall and sign in/out sheets Choose the report you want and Procare will print updated reports automatically.
Updating & creating birthday lists
Updating & creating school directories
Maintaining a waiting list
Creating letters & address labels
Updating children's immunizations Procare will automatically calculate the next immunization due and alert you. You may print out historical data, current alerts or send notices home to the parents all by touching a key.
Creating permission slips or notices for parents
Determining current number of students based on current enrollment Current enrollment reports, outlining total head count as well as available space, print automatically at your request.
Updating children's schedules for billing or reporting purposes Procare manages up to 6 weeks of schedules for reporting current and upcoming enrollment.
Determining child redetermination dates for subsidized billing Procare will remind you when childrens' redetermination dates are due.
Accounts Receivables or Billing
Posting reoccurring parent tuition charges (Subsidized & Private Pay) Based on billing once a month Procare will automatically post regular charges & credits for parents by pressing a button. Bill families on multiple billing cycles (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). Automatically calculates amounts and maintains a running record of customer balances.
Posting payments Based on posting once a month Payments can be posted per customer/agency within seconds simultaneously recalculating new balances per ledger, printing receipts and creating a daily deposit report.
End of Year Tax Statements (Annually) Since charges and credits are maintained in the software, printing end of year statements simply requires the user to enter the date range for the statements and to press print. The program automatically prints statements for end of year tax purposes.
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Malibu, CA

Been using it for about 18 years...great software, great upgrades, great service.

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